Have Gun, Will Travel

For you young 'uns out there that was a TV series with an actor named Richard Boone that was a gunfighter for hire. It aired late 50s early 60s. I remember reruns of it when I was a kid. Anyway… how is this apropos to todays topic.

I was thinking about the transfer portal and how some of these kids are transferring and I’m just scratching my head and wondering why. I realize there could be hundreds of reasons but almost all decisions in life tend to boil down to family, love, or money.

The money part brought me to the NIL deals we are hearing about and seeing pop up all over the place. A fertile ground in its current state to generate a fair amount of money during your limited 4-5 year window of college sports.

Has the latest generation of athlete realized they can have use a ‘Have Ball, Will Travel’ business model? Use their window of opportunity to be a “gunfighter for hire” and earn as much as possible by traveling from one team to another each year via the portal? Ride into town, do a job, get paid, then get gone to the next town and the next payday.

Not sure how long the “wild west” is going to exist before the powers that be find a way to put a stop to the mercenary gunfighters, but I can’t seem to think it will last.

Isn’t there a limit on how many times you can transfer without sitting out a year?

Starts next year. I’m fairly certain.

I also remember watching really old reruns of “HGWT” when I was a kid. Paladin was one of the first antiheroes. Even tho he wore all black to work, he always ended up fighting for the good guys.

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This spring is the last time an undergrad can transfer without sitting more than once. Starting in the fall undergrads can transfer with immediate eligibility once, but a second undergrad transfer means you sit for a year.

Grad students can be double transfers with immediate eligibility.

I had the replica cap guns, hat and cards that he handed out in the show… played many an hour with those. Great memories.

Was listening to Dan Patrick this AM. He stated Miami has a billionare booster which paid one of the players $800K for two seasons. Discussing if the booster should be allowed to cut down the nets if Miami wins the title.
UA…Campus of Champions

I watched the show as a pre-schooler, before I could read. That explains why I thought then it was “Half Gun, Will Travel.” LOLOL.

That doesn’t explain what I thought a half gun was.

A three-shooter, maybe?

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I love listening to Radio Classics on SiriusXM. So many TV shows were based on radio shows, Gunsmoke, for example, starred William Conrad (Cannon, Jake and the Fatman on TV) on radio before James Arness took over for TV.

Have Gun Will Travel is one of the very rare shows that had a radio show created after the TV show. John Dehner was Paladin on the radio.


It was not reruns for me. I am old enough to have watched them when they first came out. Really liked that show.

His name is John Ruiz, owns a company called LifeWallet. He was cited in the recent NCAA violation including Miami women’s basketball. And is now suing the NCAA for classifying him as a booster. Even though he played baseball at Miami and LifeWallet to my knowledge is not doing any NIL deals with athletes from other schools.

That big deal was with Nijel Pack, who wanted to go somewhere he could win; the money was just icing on the cake. Funny thing, he left K-State which made the Elite Eight to go to Miami which made the Final Four. So he would have won anyway.

I listen all the time as well

John Dehner was ubiquitous on radio.
A frequent guest star on radio Gunsmoke as well as many other programs

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… and Frontier Gentleman.

Same here!

And beyond radio, television, movies, and announcing he was an animator for Walt Disney. As you note, ubiquitous …perhaps he was actually the Scarlet Pimpernel.

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