Have fired a better coach than we will hire?

Sounding like plan A might not happen. Plan B not interested, what or if is there a plan C ?

I’m not sure plan A was what people really thought it was, so I’m not sure the guy they’re going after first won’t be the guy they get.

We won’'t know that for another 8 years. Give the guy a chance just like the school did for Mike.

What was Plan A? Hunter Yurachek has played this close to the vest. Does anyone really know what his plan was when he fired Mike Anderson, or that it has fallen through? I don’t.

I just hope he had a plan. Don’t know what to think of him.

There’s no way to know for sure. It if he fails to have a head coach in place in the next week I will begin to think he had no true clue who he would hire!
I just don’t want to go through another Stan Heath era! Heath was a nice guy but didn’t get it done.
Alabama had a plan and went and got their coach in a pretty quick fashion. So you we should also have our coach pretty quick too!

It’s fsir to say unless we land a big name, we will be hiring a coach with a lesser resume than Mike. I am concerned. I’ve posted more than once lately here and elsewhere that this reminds Billy G hiring we just knew was happening. Then we got Pel…

Why in the next week? A lot of coaching hires are made at the convention, which is at the Final Four. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new hire was made after the championship game, which is April 8.

Technically, they got Dana Altman when Billy Gillespie fell through. No one could have envisioned what Altman was going to do.

What do you folks want…a good coach or a quick hire? What if the coach or coaches we are after are still in the tournament? You know that coach is not going to say a word and mess up his team and their chances.

Mike Anderson was not a big name coach. Why do we have to hire one? We don’t. We just need to hire a really good coach.


I disagree with that. Mike had been pursued by Georgia and Alabama (and probably others) the two years before he took the Arkansas job. Schools were wanting to hire him because they knew it would be a splash based on his success at UAB and Missouri.

I think it would be fair to assume to either Plan A is still coaching in the NCAAT or doesn’t want us. Is there any other possibility?

If plan A is still coaching, I think it is also fair to assume that HY would have him locked up already so he doesn’t sit around and pass on good Plan B’s.

History says we will screw this up. Maybe HY will re-write history.

Will we be able to find out who we actually offer the job to? Because with CCM, all we heard was Gus and CCM were offered. But there were many different stories.

The sun plot isn’t important. I want to see who calls the hogs!

If you’re waiting until the convention that means you’re still shopping around and to fire coach A now without having a coach I’m waiting is foolish he could have relieved coach A mid season next year and had Scotty interm coach if we didn’t improve… at least then we would have a better chance at getting and scouting for a new coach and to get a decent late spring signing class for next season