Have Created a Problem!

You may have read my little deal about my wife becoming hooked on basketball on our Maui trip. Then we watched the Troy game. I tried to explain to her about coming back from HI and that while I thought Troy was a nice team, I did not think they were equal to what we saw in in HI. Didn’t matter, it was a close game and then the Hogs finally woke up at the end as I thought and hoped they would. She got really into it again.
Next morning on way to airport out of the blue she said she wanted to go to another basketball game live. I told her how difficult those tickets could be especially for conference games, but that did not seem to matter. She said we could go to a game and then go see Clay and maybe fish a little and then see the Grandsons. I agreed that would be good, but that still does not provide tickets. I can also see that a trip to an NCAA game may have to happen. I or cute number 0 have created a monster.

You may see me on here begging for leads on tickets. Perhaps this will calm down but does not appear to be happening. Already have instructions (orders) about the SJS game!


You must produce Sir. :sunglasses::innocent::stuck_out_tongue:

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Good problem to have imo

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You reminded me to check on tickets for Hogs vs. Poultry at Columbia on Feb. 4. Unlike their women’s team, tickets are easy to find for the Chicken men; I can sit downstairs for $35. Unfortunately I have to wait and see what my work schedule looks like before committing. That, and it’s 225 miles each way to the Coop from Casa SF.

I agree that it’s a good problem to have, Jim.

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Just FYI, in the past the tix for games over students’ Christmas break have been very easy to get. I seem to remember them taking some of the student seat allocations because they’re off campus. You can also (or at least could a couple years ago) park in any of the student lots during that time. I’ve parked right next to BWA and the track facility, in spaces about 15 feet from high dollar donors without any problems.

Hold out for an SEC game in January of February. Much better atmosphere than December non conference games when the students are not there. IMO

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Cutie’s just a one season problem.

You married well. My wife is as avid a Hog fan as I am- almost.

ESPN+ Mock NBA Draft has AB as the eleventh pick, they have five Hogs in the top fifty of their Mock Draft.

And Cutie Pie is #11

Not quite. Then Jim will have to start traveling to watch Cutie in the NBA.
UA…Campus of Champions

That will not happen! Could not pay me to go to an NBA game. I wish them all well and hope they make a lot of money, but it is a bad, bad game. They may play the last 2 minutes of each game if they wish, but not always. When they leave the Razorbacks, I am done.

One man’s problem is another man’s dream! WPS

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