Have Cal and TCU announced their starters

for Game1.

TCU is starting Brandon Williamson. Cal is starting Jared Horn.

Interesting. Not sure of Lodolo’s scheduled rest the past few weeks, so either he’s in need of another days rest or TCU is “saving” him. I’m guessing he’d pitch against us Saturday if we both win Friday. But if Cal wins Friday, do you hold Lodolo for the 2nd game Saturday, and throw your #3 against Central Connecticut? Of course, that could be risky. Should be interesting.

very risky move by TCU considering Horne totally dominated UCLA,Stanford and Arizona st but if they pull it off they got their ace against ours…Go bears!!!

Hogstrechian, You can only play one a day Friday and Saturday.

Right, Clay. Thanks. So, by my speculation, TCU would be saving Lodolo for Sunday’s first game (hopefully a rematch with Cal).
One thing for sure: risky move or not, TCU’s coach knows how to navigate a regional. Should be an entertaining weekend.

I think if TCU loses Friday, they HAVE to throw their ace (Lodolo) Saturday. There isn’t any kind of good excuse for leaving a regional 0-2 without your best pitcher ever getting off the bench.

Conventional wisdom says you’re right, Wiz. Then again, the guy (who is an ex-pitcher himself) that has taken TCU to 5 of the last 9 CWS’s knows his pitching staff best. Some of the national writers think TCU has the best starting rotation in the Fayetteville region. So, if he took the risk of starting someone other than his ace in the elimination game Saturday (with the option of always being able to bring him in early if necessary), then it could possibly be his best option to be one of the last 2 teams standing Sunday night.
Of course, all of my speculation isn’t worth much… but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I think it’s clear what TCU is trying to do.
They are saving Lodolo for us (with the hope or belief they can beat Cal’s best pitcher)

If they lose today, then you pitch him tomorrow either way