Hats off to our fans

Was really impressed by selling out WMS for a 1-5 team and being loud in the rain as was seen on tv.

Great fan showing to the tv universe.

Crowd was in to it most of the night - fun being there except for the finish.

I agree the crowd should be lauded, but technically it was not a sellout.

All of the tickets War Memorial Stadium had in its possession were sold, but there were some left at the ticket office

That’s why there was a crowd announced of 51,438 of tickets distributed.

The capacity 54,120.

These terms they have today - tickets scanned, tickets distributed - are interesting.

It would be nice to have a “people actually in the building” count.

Agree, impressive showing by our fans in attendance last night. Little Rock did it’s part and feel even worse for team and fans with the loss.

We stood up all the game. first time we have done that in yrs . It was fun except for last 2:00 minutes. But like what has been said before outstanding crowd for 1-5

Have to admit, AR fan dedication is 2nd to none even with the record & product on the field & the stadium played in.

Tickets scanned is as close to “people actually in the building” as you’re going to get but they couldn’t provide that number last night. I only saw bits and pieces on TV since I was at work last night but I did see a few gaps in the stands. Not as many gaps as I feared, though, given the weather and the W/L record.

They had metal scanners at WMS, not ticket scanners. It was a nice crowd for the weather, but every 4 people were taking the " normal " 17in allowed for 6 on our row. It was nice, actually.