Hatfields talk to the team yesterday

“Former Arkansas Coach Ken Hatfield spoke to the Razorbacks on Thursday with a message that “was one for the ages” according to Bret Bielema.”

I wonder if it would be possible to see a transcript of Ken Hatfield’s talk. I bet it was pretty interesting as he has been through the entire gamut of involvement with Razorback football from outstanding player to head coach and knows the whole story.

This makes me feel so good. Like alot on this board, I lived through the “Hatfield’s gotta go” era. People hated his boring offense.

The hate wasn’t as much as it was for Nutt…but it was enough…and too much given his record, his ethics, and love for the Hogs. I am thrilled to hear he’s this involved in the program.

Ken Hatfield is truly Mr. Uncommon.
This world needs more Ken Hatfields
He has been my hero since his high school days at Central High in Helena West-Helena

Ken Hatfield is the mascot for class. CBB certainly knows that as well, realizing the deep Arkansas history associated with Coach Hatfield.
I to would like to hear/read what that speech entailed.

Hatfield is a great ambassador for Arkansas, school and
state. We are blessed to have him.

Can he come back and coach?