Hate to see Wes Fanigan join the Bruce Pearl team

Auburn hired ex-UALR Head Coach Wes Flanigan as an assistant.

Yep, me too. I hope he doesn’t get any on him. What does this mean for his son? Does he stay at Parkview and play for Al, or follow Wes to the plains?

Pearl is attempting to tap into the talent in Arkansas. After all Wes played at Auburn.
Pearl needs someone to recruit without the money trail!
When Pearl gets fired he may be the interim head coach for the remainder of one season.

What really scares me about this is that Flanigan was after Issac McBride! Love the kid, shutter at even the thought of him at Auburn.

If the Hogs don’t call… please go to Georgia Tech, young man!

Just saw where McBride made an OV to Auburn. Love this player, but I’m sure hoping somebody else sparks up some interest and nips this War Eagle thing in the bud!!!

I am sure Hogs will regret not getting McBride. But if they get McBride instead of Hill, they will regret not getting Hill. There is so much talent in Arkansas right now and scholarship numbers limit you from signing them all. So down the road we will regret not signing whole bunch of them.

BTW, I am really impressed by the progress Hill has made. He may turn out to be one of the best allround PGs in SEC.

I look at it this way. Years ago Keith Carter from Perryville went to Ole Miss to play. He killed the hogs. I enjoyed watching him play and he was a good all around players.
The hogs didn’t offer him a chance to play.
That’s the same for the wave of talent in the state now! The one that play for the hogs I’ll remember the most but it won’t be like the Monk deal!
You can’t sign them all!!

Somehow Hill keeps going down in the rankings while continuing to impress over the summer. They actually have the pg from NWA ranked Hill than Hill on 247…I’m guessing they just make some of this up.

The freshman guards Arkansas signed in 1995 instead were Kareem Reid, Pat Bradley, Marlon Towns and a JUCO in Jesse Pate and I’m not trading any for Keith Carter??

By the way the other scholarships that year went to Sunday Adebayo, Derrick Hood & Ali Thompson

Correction: it was an unofficial visit.

But still, it was Aubby! :cry:

I was thinking that it has to be unofficial visit. As far as I can see he stil does not have a Power 5 offer. Someone has to trust him at PG position, given his size.

How much weight can Wes pick up, that is the question… those bags of money are pretty hefty.