Hate to see Mort decline like this...

I’ve always liked and been a big fan of Mort. I thought he always gave
Arkansas a fair shake, plus his son played here. Its sad to see how his
health is declining. I hate to see that. It was painfully obvious during
his few draft moments that he was struggling. Sad. Sad.

I noticed Mort’s condition, also. It hurt to watch him. He is one of the best at his job of reporting NFL news. I wish the best for him…as we all do. He is one classy gentlemen.

Does Mort still live in Tontitown?

Yes, Mort and Micki have a home just outside Tonitown. They have six horses on some acreage there. He and I keep up with our families via text. He said he will join me for a Razorback baseball game in the next few weeks. He follows the baseball team closely. He just loves baseball. As you guys may know he was the beat writer for the LA Dodgers and the Atlanta Braves before Alex was born. He decided then to switch to football (the Falcons) because baseball season meant too much travel. You are gone weeks at a time. Then ESPN hired him away from the Atlanta paper to head up their NFL reporting team.