Hate to see Duwop leave

But I understand it. Hope he gets a great send off from our fans tomorrow.

can’t blame the kid at all. he could have left a long time ago. he’s been a good Hog I wish him nothing but the best!

I am pulling for the kid. I wish he would have switched FS 3 years ago and he would probably be an all SEC FS. I can’t blame him for having his dreams.

Did not know he was leaving.

It’s not for sure that he’s leaving, but it appears that way: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … enior-day/

He must be a great young man to fulfill his commitment and not leave earlier even though playing time never materialized. He has done everything asked of him and I hope he changes his mind after last week’s hit. But good luck to him either way.

We don’t use him, the kid is a utility guy and he can help out everywhere, last year we used in some situations but this year he just been sitting on the sideline.

I agree he could have a total new life at FS, and therefore boost himself for NFL. He can’t transfer and hope for better anywhere else. He needs to stay a Hog.

He’s also been a success off the field with Advocare and could have a very bright future there

sounds like a 12-inch column ready to go, Duds. Would enjoy reading about that.