Hate to say it, but hats off to Barnes and Tenn.

Rarely do I see the foul late strategy worked to such almost perfection.

Damn we had like what 11 point lead with under a min in OT and ended
up with a 2 point win. Damn!! Had me as nervous as a long tail cat in a
room full of rockin’ chairs!!

This has to be a big time quality win for Arkansas.

Now maybe those poll voting bastards will realize we are top 25 worthy!!
We just beat a #4 RPI team. We just beat another top 25 team! What
do we need to do!!

WPS! Razorbacks!!!

Just keep winning. Polls will take care of themselves.

Yea Coach Barnes has his team playing with an edge. They are going to be really tough to beat come March. They have everything right now, a good rim protecting big man, good guard play, and a low post scoring machine in Grant Williams, plus they have good depth.

As far as the late game fouling situation, you’re exactly right, rarely does it work, but give Tennessee credit, they made those wild out of control 3’s and our guys thought the game was over and let them slowly make a comeback.

I didn’t think it was late game fouling, but it was our lack of defense in letting them fly down the court in three seconds and shoot layups or wide open jumpers.

True, but you don’t want to play tight defense and let them con the refs into calling fouls, which not only provide cheap points but stop the clock. There has to be a balance between foul avoidance and trying to prevent scoring.

Wasn’t bad defense at all in last minute. They got an and-1 when Gafford was just about 8 inches too close to the basket, got a garbage 3 off the backboard, and a pull-up 3 with no separation. Simple fact was they had a couple bounces go there way and we missed 4 FTs.

Reply: hats off to Mike and the hawgs indeed, to beat a team 6 times in a roll is not a simple task. I think we came out flat

I was impressed with the Vols. Didn’t think Barnes could recruit & motivate like he has. We were lucky to get to OT. We need to shore up our in bound plays & I agree we need to shore up our perimeter defense

I’ll bet Mike would rather be ignored again by the voters to promote the Us vs The World theme. This time of the year they mean nothing…except to us.

But we’ll crack it this week. For sure.

Today’s game kind of reminded me of the 1995 SEC Tournament Championship game with Kentucky. We jumped out to a 9 or 10 point lead to begin OT in that one, then went cold and they came back to beat us 95-93.

Fortunately, we avoided that meltdown and held on for the win this time.

Yes it worked because they hit 2 very high degree of difficulty 3s–one of which was absolute luck.

And, we got the ball to guys we didn’t want at the line. Kudos to Tennessee and Barnes. It worked. But they also blew a 9-point lead with under 4 to play.

That said, they have a solid team and are well-coached. It’s another solid win for us.