Hate to say I told you so....

My take in the score prediction thread last week:

Florida’s toughest games have been against teams headed in the wrong direction: Tennessee and Georgia. Arkansas’ toughest games have been against teams trending up: A&M, Alabama and Auburn. We’re better prepared for high-level competition.

Florida experiences the same kid of let-down we did last week. Arkansas jumps out early and win comfortably: 31-13?

Now before I brag too much, I also picked Arkansas over Auburn and could not have been more wrong. I just didn’t think much of Florida and thought they were enormously over-rated, especially on defense. They just hadn’t played anyone While we were running our usual SEC gauntlet. I also knew that, whatever our weaknesses are, CBB’s teams play well after losses, after off weeks and in November. It was a perfect storm.

So I was right this week. You know what they say about blind pigs and acorns …

Well done, even if it is only for this week.

I checked the prediction thread last night and saw you were very close on the score. I had it 21-7 Hogs.

I have to say I was hopeful but not confident.

Great pick LoudLoyd

I said 27-10.

I thought we’d lose to A&M; thought we’d beat Alabama until game week. And Auburn – I saw it coming – not 56-3, but saw them winning by 14 or more.

I underestimated our defense. l I called for 31-24, Good guys.

Our Defense manned up.

OK, what about this week? I think that LSU expended a lot of energy against Bama.

I thought we’d lose to Ole Miss, beat Auburn, and probably lose to Florida. Needless to say I’ve decided to stop making predictions for the rest of the year and just enjoy the ride. :smiley:

Haven’t thought this week all the way through yet. There’s no doubt LSU’s defense is better than Florida’s. There’s also no doubt that with Fournette, the Tigers’ potential to produce explosive plays (don’t you just love a new cliche?) is far greater than Florida’s.

But that 'Bama game had to be a killer. To have played so well and then lose at the end must really sting. On the other hand, LSU’s arrow has been pointing up since Miles was fired. Whether that trend has legs after a tough loss is the great unknown.

I have no doubt Arkansas will be up and ready to play Saturday. A great deal depends on how LSU responds to a heart-breaking loss, and that hasn’t happened since Coach O took over. That’s just my opinion; I could be wrong …