Hate to say, but the search for a Coach is starting to look

like we are getting desperate. Might be wrong but I don’t see Beard leaving TT - did our AD get played by Sampson? Although I was of the opinion that MA needed to go, the program is going to be in bad shape for a while if someone with big-time recruiting skills isn’t hired

While we may be getting played, I dont see how anyone can know enough about the search at this time to make that call.

This is a very secretive search with very little info coming out.

What coaches are off the board that were legitimate candidates? Did Sampson sign that extension he was “suppose” to sign all week? What about Musselman, did i miss where he signed with another team? Everyone is freaking out when only one coach has been hired. And i never seen where it was reported that Buzz was even a target for the job.

There is plenty of reason to be worried…Numerous other schools, particularly in our conference, have had coaching searches and got their guy fairly quickly, without being what many claim “close to the vest”…The reason their hasn’t been any news is because there is none, at least none positive… If we don’t hire one of the four coaches currently in the final four still coaching or a NBA coach or assistant then the reason is simple HY didn’t and doesn’t know what move to make after firing coach Anderson this was an arbitrary move by the AD and obviously one that wasn’t well advised… Like I sad earlier there is a time and season for everything under the sun…Timing is critical when you make a coaching change if Mike Anderson wasn’t what you wanted before the NIT you knew he wouldn’t be what you wanted after the NIT… at best HY should have waited until next season to make a such move this would have given you more time to identify your guy and make sure you and your guy have a desire for each-other… or fire Coach A right after the SEC tourney, though you are still behind the 8ball you have a little more time to get a good candidate…A 19-20 Mid-season firing would have been better, if warranted by performance, not this mess

You are making a ton of assumptions, and they are based on your own views and perceptions. You have no knowledge, therefore in the absence of info you make your point fit your narrative. Why can’t you just relax and let it play out?

Please enlighten me since I have no knowledge… And while you are enlightening this poor soul please tell me what my narrative is

Your narrative is that it’s time to panic because we haven’t hired someone/anyone in what you deem an acceptable time frame. UCLA fired Alford in December. They haven’t hired anyone either. They’re trying to get it right, not get it fast. So are we.

Passion and patience probably don’t coexist with most fans, myself included. lol

But I would rather they get the right coach first and foremost. We definitely don’t need a bandaid hire, that’s for sure.

Chicken Little

Though that is your interpretation of what I’ve written that is not “my narrative”… My narrative is not “it’s time to panic” because panicking want keep anyone’s head above water, it useless. But to worry to me implies to care and both are warranted imo and understandable given the circumstances and facts. I listed above one fact in particular (i.e. other schools in our conference and around the country identified their guy early on in the process and got him.) While I do believe HY made a not so great decision at the most inopportune time my narrative isn’t “do it fast or we die” but that the possibility of death came when he pulled the trigger to fire and not already having a replacement in waiting… Just like I’m not too fond of a person quitting a job without having one lined up to walk into, I’m not fond of firing a good/decent coach without having what you believe is a better hire waiting in the line to take his place…This is only my opinion which is worthless probably to most but it doesn’t deem me as having a lack of knowledge. Untypical has his narrative and I have mine so how is he more justified than me in providing ammunition (information) to support his point of view or am I found to be foul for supplying ammunition for mine?

https://hoopdirt.com/houstons-kelvin-sa … extension/

lol… there has never been a brave person who wasn’t at first afraid…

but I’m not afraid just worried and concerned… I care because I have developed a liking to everything Arkansas from my youth up and I’m now 28… Arkansas was the first team I watched and decided whether they lose or win I want to hold the team banner. It’s sports its vain, in every sense of the word, but like I enjoy playing sports I enjoy watching; and basketball is my favorite sport to play and watch… Regardless this coaching search will end though I’m not too optimistic it will end on a positive note but I’m hopeful I’m wrong because again “I like holding the Arkansas Razorback banner” GO HOGS!

Thats fair. I am 48 years old. I was a 23 year old soldier sitting in TGI Friday’s in Eatontown NJ as the only Hogfan in the building watching the championship in 94.

I want us to win and fo it right. I dont know what’s going on, but I do know this is the most secretive search I have seen and that can’t be a bad thing.

Take as long as needed but get it right.

Go Hogs

Maybe you are right, being secretive could be a good thing here, and I’m secretively hopeful you are right lol for the sake of our basketball program! GO HOGS! and it’s cool to always hear the experiences of those who have first hand experience and recollection of the glory days of hog ball when I got into watching us play we had a guy named “Baby Shaq” and I copied the free throw routine/technique of a guy named “JJ Sullinger” lol