Hate the loss

And it’s never OK to lose–especially by 20 +. But, I remain convinced we will win 23-25 and be a clear Ncaat team and have a good season.

I would have liked to have seen those 2 teams play straight up and not have the game dictated by refs.

Uk would have won by 10 + but we would have gotten to continue to see Barford, Moses, etc go at them.

The good news is that Moses looked like the Moses from last season. Barford had his second straight strong outing. Cook and Thompson also contributed more than they have been recently. They added 10 points at the PF. Too bad Hannahs, Beard, and to some degree Macon were below their typical standards. If Moses and Barford build off of this game, we’ll be in pretty good shape.

I wonder if UK or Cal just get into the officials heads. UK is clearly 10 points better than us but I think all the bad calls wore on us in the 2nd half.


Thank you for saying this Notorious. Everybody knows Cal is a cheater, but act like he’s just outworking everybody, it’s complete bs, and I get tired of media spinning it like he’s so great. The guy has 2 final fours vacated at 2 different schools. He’s the same as Bruce Pearl, the guy that magically has 5-star players wanting to come to Auburn to play basketball.


Yep, I hope every off-season some dumb NBA GM throws him enough money to get him out of college basketball. He’s just bad for it. He’s so fake, he reminds me of the owner of a used car lot. I don’t like Bobby Knight, but glad he called him out a few years ago. Wish more coaches would, but they are scared they will be blacklisted by the media if they do.

Agree with this. Frustration accumulated.

Love the first half fight from our guys.

All that matters is Arkansas making the tournament every year.

By a hair or a head of hair either is ok by me.

Just got to make NCAAs.

This program rarely missed for an almost 30 year stretch.

Was a birth rite of sorts.

Very few of those teams could win at Rupp but th bar is making the ncaa tourney to me.

That first half showed me Mike is going in right direction for a sustainable ncaa program.