Hate hearing about peavy

I sure hope Austin stays healthy all year. Our backup qb position just got very scary in my opinion. Peavy had legs, and with the offensive line not real proficient at pass blocking from what I’ve read, well escapability is something I might want in my backup. Kelly might be heir apparent but no way is he ready to lead an sec offense against an sec defense. Story, well throwing motion is not perfect nor does he have a strong arm. Allen HAS to stay healthy for us to have a shot. I really liked peavy. Very good kid, recruited for us when he first committed. Dedicated and a fine Christain young man. Hate to see him go. I don’t see practice but this is first questionable decision coach b had made in my opinion. Let’s hope Allen stays healthy. Wish peavy all the success in the world. Good kid

I hate to hear it also.

I felt fairly confident one of our qb’s would leave this year. Just to many on campus for all to stay content.

I wish Peavy the best. He seems to be a great kid. I’ll be rooting for him.


Best of luck to the young man. He sounds like a great kid. The scripture he quoted from Jeremiah is one of my favorites. I guess he has to sit out another year then have two left to play. I’ll be rooting for him.

ere “Hate to see him go. I don’t see practice but this is first questionable decision coach b had made in my opinion.”

I could not feel any differently on this about CBB.
I would have loved for Rafe to have succeeded, but the fact is he did not after being given every opportunity. For two years the coaches have been waiting for one of the other QBs to step forward and earn the job. So far only Austin Allen has. That is not CBB’s fault or any decision he has made.
If he had come in and made the kind of splash that Cole Kelley has it would be another story.
He seems to be an outstanding individual. The kind of young man you would want your daughter bringing home to meet you. I am sure CBB would have loved for him to have excelled, left the other contenders in the dust and made this year’s QB decision a tough one, rather than AA and the rest.
I am guessing CBB, Rafe and his Dad had a heart to heart talk about what was best for Rafe’s future and going to SMU, where there appears to be a connection following other transfers there, was going to be the very best thing for Rafe.
Kuddos to CBB for being honest and timely with the info. He could have left Rafe hanging just in case, but he didn’t. That is why I love the guy and hope he never leaves.

the number of people that are absolutely convinced that Peavy was the best QB on campus but it was a conspiracy by the UA and the Allen family. I assume Jeff Long and Coach Bielema are co-conspirators. Heard that again yesterday… agreed the guy had every opportunity and apparently couldn’t even win/keep the backup spot. We’ll see if he lights it up now at SMU against inferior talent vs the SEC.

And duh everybody hopes their starting QB stays healthy. Nobody wants to have to play their backup.

I’ve said this several times, but Rafe could never adjust to the speed of the defense. He held the ball too long and his arm strength was so-so. It was obvious in watching practice a couple of weeks back that the other quarterbacks had passed him.

That is a nice way of shooting down the OP.

I never said he was the best qb on campus. I was never against either of the Allen boys. Can’t begin to tell you how many times I took up for Brandon. And the people I know that have seen practice tell me Austin is far and away the best qb on campus. Like I said I hope we can keep him healthy. I just liked the kid is all. Never ceases to amaze how some people put words in someone’s mouth just so they can slam someone to feel superior about themselves.

…and when you have it, someone gets beat out. The better the player that gets beat out, the better the player that wins the starting job. You can’t just recruit the minimum at each position so nobody has to transfer or never get to play much. If we keep improving our talent level and numbers at each position, there will be more older players pushed aside, and that is a good thing for the program although a bad thing for them. When they came, they would have gladly beat out an older player for playing time if they could. The reverse happens to some of them but that is the chance you take when you compete at a high level. He is a great person and I wish him all of the best at SMU. If Ty Storey in later years gets beat out by Connor Noland and has to transfer, I will wish the same for him.

I figured this was going to happen with either Storey or Rafe. No way both were staying. Damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario with QB’s. Look at it this way, we still have four solid options at QB behind Austin. Unfortunately, none of them have much experience. But, it is really difficult to have an experienced talented QB waiting in the wings. They all want to play.

How much did the back injury play into this? All I heard during the Spring was thatRafe continued to improve. I heard a program insider on the radio, and I don’t remember who it was, say that he expected Rafe to get some meaningful snaps this year. Without the back injury, is it likely that he would still be the back up?

I agree. Figured one would transfer. Next position transfer will be tight end I imagine or offensive line. An insider on a competing board who has seen just as much practice as insiders here thought peavey was clearly the best behind Allen. Just goes to show you how different eyes see different things. Just wish this kid well is all.

We all hated to hear about Peavy given they type of good kid he is - but attrition is the name of the game in these dog-eat-dog days we live in. Having watched him play in high school I have said all along that Kelly is a very gifted QB - and that I though he was capable of playing in the SEC as a Freshman. That appears to be a possibility now. He is very cool under pressure and if thrown into a game I believe that he will lite some defenses up!

Rafe is an excellent QB as I expect you will see. He came here before Coach Enos & does not fit the profile CDE is looking for. Enos has stated he wants a QB taller than he is. Rafe is mobile with a stronger arm than than anyone but Cole (based on coaches). Rafe is only 6’ tall. I love CDE & Rafe. I just don’t think it’s a good fit. I think Austin will exceed expectations this year.

I very much appreciate the staff being honest and giving him an opportunity to transfer. They could have strung him along and kept him for insurance. I just hope Austin stays healthy. Per Clint Storner Rafe was our insurance. Go Hogs!!!

I’ll be rooting for him at SMU.

I be rooting for him at SMU.

I wish the best for Rafe. I thought his inviting Hog fans to switch to SMU was not up to his standards.

Vaya con dios, Rafe. Hope nothing but the best for you. Thanks for all your efforts.

Bielema was asked today how much the back injury played into his preseason and he said something along the lines of very little.

Wasn’t necessarily directing at you but was always amazed at those who were absolutely convinced that Peavey was the best QB but was never given a fair shake because of Allen family and FHS undue influence on UA. They are still out there

CBB and CDE will play the best QB period regardless…whether his name is Austin Allen, Rafe Peavey or Rafe Hollister…