HATE black uniforms!!!

Not our colors!!!

I have been waiting to see them again. Sweet!

Must be our colors we are wearing them.

I can’t stand them! Cardinal and white please.

I just can’t see the numbers, good thing I can tell the players by their look, for the most part.

You put a black man in a black uniform with red numbers that blend into the black and you cannot tell who in the HELL IS WHO!

they arr pathetic! barely see the numbers

Black is one of MU’s colors. I’m sure we’re wearing it in their honor.

Something like that is an example of why Arkansas is poorly coached. Bad decisions all around. I’m about to give up on Razorback basketball and choose another sport to support. At least in other sports they don’t wear black with numbers you can’t see.

They have to realize that everyone is not at courtside. Some of us are poor people watching on a 17 lnch black and white :grin:

See ya

I don’t hate the black uniforms, but I would never wear them against Missouri.

Don’t let the door hit you. Those unis seemed to be okay when we wore them to beat OU and UConn.

We didn’t lose because of the uniforms or the refs

I agree although refs hurt a bit, but we were checked out, played hard just no where close to as hard as they did. Tempo was terrible, D was avg at best, tons of really bad Ulta-bricks, no boards, careless with the ball, just sloppy.

Had a chance early but just not a blood in the water feeding frenzy team, not their mental make up. Got a lead, then relax, become satisfied, I don’t know what it is, they play in extended possessions of greatness followed immediately by extended possessions of just dumb stuff. They have most of the season. Especially SEC play. Mental roller coaster.

Hope they reset to #Dialedin for post season or they won’t last long. Dumb stuff doesn’t travel well to post season play. It’s been my biggest concern all season. Gotta get locked in and stay there.

Cuonzo is a good coach. He used our trapping man against us when we left their bigs free or in mismatches in the paint. If their bigs couldn’t make it they could pass out to wide open 3 as a result of our trapping man defense. Our trapping man and switches have killed us for multiple seasons now. We have been winning but our losses have been to UK and Mizzery which have also been games that Mike decides to go back to Trapping Man. Smh

Trapping man was not why we lost. Nor Conzo being great. Mikes a proven great. We lost because we are mental. Now if you wanna hate on Mike feel free to use that to roll your agenda, against a repeated proven winner with this style of play.

I will say he needs to figure out these mental lapses and up and down play. I’m sure he has lost sleep trying too. But these guys are not killer instinct, kick’m while they are down type guys. They can be, just havnt been lately. And if they don’t clean it up, they ain’t going nowhere and real fast.

He ain’t changing, no need to, it works. Proven. I love his system, wouldn’t want it any other way.

Gas I appreciate the mature response. Is Mike a good coach? Yes, but he is not a great coach in my eyes. Why? He doesn’t adapt well. I like the fast paced style but our style has limitations while other fast paced styles use solid defense and rebounding. I just believe that MIke could create a more diverse or targeted utilization of pressing, trapping man and switches. I also believe that Mike is not good at adapting his scheme for the players on the roster. We do not have the players on the roster this year, last year and one of the Portis years to use this system. I would be perfectly happy if Mike would adapt and take us to the next level. I am not going to accept his choice of style when that can be fixed like he did last year this year (except for UK and this game). We are so much better when we use match up zone for over half the game. His trapping man style fails to be consistent and fails to win the big games unless we shoot lights out to make up for rebounding. I will accept that he has not been able to recruit with the Cheating environment and don’t feel right being critical about that. I just want Mike to adapt and stay in spite of what some on this board to want to twist.

I understand what you are saying but he does adapt, you need to watch closely or maybe don’t focus in as much on what you can’t stand when it happens. We don’t press and trap as much as you think you see with all do respect, he changes and adapts a lot. I actually thought the zone was going to cost us the game against Auburn, I was screaming at him to get out of it, and they did some but it got torched!
I thought trapping out of the zone and man was key to Bama against Sexton.
I personally like man and the traps, it helps us more than it hurts. Though I am not opposed to zone either as it has helped us, but key here is we have both freely admitted he adapts and uses both.

Yes he does use both…eventually. He takes too long to decide to use Zone more the last 2 seasons before the season is impacted by his stressful style wearing down our thin guard rotation. Why can’t he use more zone earlier before our gaurds are fatigued by the stressful style? He needs to use more zone and games like today are a prime example. This should have been a quick switch to zone early and disrupt them with trapping man and press at times. Keep them guessing.

Personally, I think Missouri is a bad matchup for Arkansas. They can put 6-11, 6-10 and 6-7 on the floor with length and the 6-11 can wander out to the 3-point line and score, it’s tough for this team to match up. Generally speaking, zone hurts teams on the boards and man-to-man doesn’t seem to be much better for the Hogs. It did seem that the officials allowed them to go over the back on some rebounds with no call, but this was a difficult victory in Fayetteville; it was going to be twice as hard in Columbia. And it was.