Hatcher to Bama (story)


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The numbers Hatcher put up are mind boggling. And, he was the state’s Gatorade Player of the Year. He has good size, although perhaps a bit slow in the 40. How did he escape an offer from Arkansas and/or anyone else before Bama grabbed him at the last minute with a scholarship, not walk-on! Was Enos watching him the whole time he was at Arkansas?

He’s got P5 talent, no doubt about that.

But we got the best QB in the state, also no doubt about that.

Did he have any offers other than ASU and Bama?

Historically, PA QB’s haven’t been great college players.

I don’t blame him for taking a scholarship now as opposed to a grayshirt at Jonesboro Tech. But let’s get real. He’ll never see the field at Bama, not with Hurts and Tua already on campus and three other returning QBs on the roster. I suspect Hatcher is insurance against one or more of the holdovers transferring over the summer.

I believe, " It’s complicated " may suggest otherwise on the scholarship offer.

No way that’s a full scholarship offer. The kid didn’t have any other big D1 offers. He was planning to walk on at Arkansas State. Now Alabama offers a scholarship? That didn’t happen.

Bama boards say he’s a walk on.

This is not a matter of Coach Saban out-smarting the room.

It’s a matter of having a spot, needing an arm in camp and finding somebody who had not signed because he didn’t get the offers that he had hoped for on signing day.

Hatcher (6-1, 204) is just the fourth scholarship quarterback on the Alabama roster - Tua Tagovailoa, Jalen Hurts, and Mac Jones are the other three - and I’m told it is a true offer for a kid who was simply in the right place and the right time.

He already had the preferred walk on offer at Alabama.

He is a very productive guy who flourished in PA’s system, but did not have the prototypical size that most programs look for these days.

I’m happy for Layne and the opportunity he is getting to go to Alabama, but I don’t expect him to ever see the field unless two kids transfer before the season starts.

If he does, kudos to him.

He may never see the field but when you see him 5 years from now he will be wearing a championship ring and have one of the greatest experiences of his life. Yep it was a great move for him to say the least, if he does get on the field he knows he will be playing behind a line that can protect him. WPS

Arkansas allowed 35, Bama 27 last year. I would imagine Hurt’s ability to move and scramble helped their number immensely. I’m not sure Hatcher has that same capability. He will more than likely have a chance at a ring, or two, though.

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The difference between 35 and 27 is that one team is in the cellar and the other is a National Champion, I know there’s a lot more that goes into it than that one stat ! Good morning, WPS

So, we are to believe that the best program in college football offered a scholarship to a young man who had basically no offers on the table except for ASU? This is a school who could have their choice of some of the best quarterbacks in the country. This high school just happened to be in Arkansas and has one of the most coveted tight ends in the nation. I am surprised they didn’t hire Kevin Kelley to be their punting coach.

Well ole Nick usually plucks at least one from AR every other year or so just because he can. However in the past it’s always been one that the Hogs wanted also.

You can believe it or not. But it appears as if that is what happen. He was going to be a blue shirt at ASU even though he already had a preferred walk on offer at Alabama.

When a scholarship became available, Coaches Saban and Enos - knowing Hatcher’s situation - gave him a call and said they now had an offer.

The fact that Cooper Bateman, David Cornwell and Blake Barnett have all transferred out and Alabama did not get a QB in the 2018 class, made for the right time and right place for Hatcher.

I’m sure it was factored in that he is teammates with Hudson Henry, but it just worked out just as it has at Arkansas with man scholarship offers over the years to teammates.