Has this been the quietest coaching search

of all time?

I mean HY deserves some real credit for being able to keep everything on the down low.

The funnest part for me so far has been going over to hogville and reading all the guys that have sources and saying who our next coach is. In a matter of seconds they pounce on these poor guys. There are some really funny dudes over there.

To bad the crazies out weigh the funny ones.

The whole Hogville thing can indeed get pretty vicious. :lol: :lol: :lol:

This could go down as the most masterfully handled coaching search we’ve seen around here in the modern age. Or if even a small percentage of the wild rumors on Hogville are true it could go down as the most inept. Could still go either way. :lol:

Guess it really just depends on getting the right guy in the end. I’m anxious, but won’t really get nervous until after the Final Four. If we’re still having this conversation this time next week I might need a valium.

If HY pulls off a Chris Beard, we need double his salary and name a street after him quick. Because he will be the hottest AD commodity in the country.

We are headed for serious disappointment. The U of A is a total mess when it comes to this stuff.

Part of me wonders how big of a meltdown the Razorback Nation will go into if it turns out to be Bonhomme Richard Pitino or Steve Alford. :lol: