Has this been the longest two weeks ever?

Man, will this week ever end?

I’m tired of all the talking

Just go win the game. Don’t care how they do it or by how much. Just do it.

That is certainly the bottom line and will help cure a lot of ills.

I don’t like to call any game a “must win”, but this one sure has the feel of one. Theorectically we could lose tomorrow & still hava an 8 or 9 win season, but we all know without a win tomorrow we’re looking at 6-6 or perhaps worse. A win gives us reasonable hope for a good sesaon (7 or more wins).

The truth is, I don’t have any real confidence in this team. The D is better than last year, but tha’ts hardly a great compliment. Our offense & speical teams were inept against TCU. Either the recievers need to get open, the line needs to protecdt, or Austin needs to reacdt & get rid of the ball sooner with more accurracy. I don’t claim to know where the problem lies. Maybe a bit of all 3. Regardless, we need to get it fixed or we’re in for a long year.

I still think CBB is our best hope for a strong stable furture, but I also know the reality of losing & the way it affects fans. A 6-6 or worse season will make for a bad off-season & 2018 won’t look much more promising.

NEA, I hope you are doing better. Saw a hallway photo I hope I can forget, but I’ve been thinking about you.

Thanks Ken. Surgery went well, but I’m still a long way from where I’d like to be.

Maybe CBB is our best hope for a strong, stable future. I hope so. But it seems as if he is just willing to do just what it takes rather than trying to be the best on every down. That’s the difference between him and someone like Saban, who gets irate when any mistake is made, even when winning by 30. Maybe someone like CBB is all we can hope for and maybe he will suddenly become inspired to push his staff and his players to be the best on every down but I’ve got very little confidence that will ever happen. I understand that he has never had Saban’s talented players but I’m strictly taliking about a head coach’s mentality toward the game.

It’s not Saban’s mentality that’s the difference. It’s the talent on the team.