Has there been any 2-back in practice?

I know access has been limited, but I don’t think I’ve seen any in the videos I have seen.

From what I’ve seen of the previous CM offenses, “two-back” would be the H-back, basically a tight end/fullback hybrid. There won’t be any I formation or so-called pro set, which hardly anyone in the NFL uses any more.

This play is from the 2013 Clemson playbook. The “3” back is the H-back.

I do not think you see sets with fullback and tailback. I have seen none of that. QB is a threat and they do bring the slot in and out of backfield along with the tight end.

Austin Cantrell is basically our fullback. I think that is why he is listed as our number one tight end. We will have a sniffer back which is basically a full back. This is one reason I am not sure Hudson Henry is crazy about this offense. That is not the position for him.

This offense is very multiple we will have 2 TEs many times in the game. Hudson or others need not worry about TE usage in this offense, the TE position very well may lead the team in receptions. They will motion in and out of the backfield, they will line up inline, in the slot, and even out wide. They will be receivers who are expected to be above average blockers.

To OP and others a player in the backfield is a back regardless what the program says beside the players name as position. It doesn’t mean we will run a bunch of 33 counters with Devwah and Chase in the backfield at the same time.

I think we will see some wildcat with Hammonds more than we will see 2 RB’s behind the QB. We have a ton of great RB’s and not a great QB.

I agree. I think we will have to use tight ends in more of a wide receiver role and try to create match ups. However, a lot of our offense is based out of 2 backs consisting of Austin Cantrell being the fullback/sniffer back.