Has there been a deeper SEC?

There may not be a top-5 type team in the league this year, but top to bottom this might be the deepest the SEC has been since we’ve been in it. There will likely be 4-5 teams ranked in the first AP poll, but there may be as many 10-11 teams ranked at least once this season. On paper at least, there seems to be very few easy conference games. The middle of the pack will be stacked with some really good teams.

I have imagined how much fun a 26 game conference-only, home and home schedule would be.

Yes, I have been saying this for a while. I can’t recall a deeper SEC either. I can’t figure out how good Mississippi State will be or will not be, but all other teams look like a tough out. Yes, even Vanderbilt, Missouri and A&M.

The teams that end up in the Top 6 at the end of the year will have earned it.

I wouldn’t say 10-11, but the depth has more to do with Covid affecting the draft and now a lot of teams have veteran players returning that were good that might now be great. I still say Arkansas has a legit shot at being the top team in the SEC when it’s all said and done.

My thoughts on A&M is that they will very soon consistently be in the top 5 or so in the final league standings. They have just an outstanding coach who can really recruit.

Probably true, upon further review. 10 teams ranked during the year is probably a stretch (especially if league games only are played). But I’ll be surprised if at least 10 teams are not in the discussion somewhere along the way to make the dance (before the final 6-8 teams actually make it).

unfortunately, I agree with you. Buzz is a good coach, and is recruiting well. I just can’t stand Aggies!!!


There’s talk that basketball may also have to go conference-only this season. If so that’s going to make the NET ratings very interesting. How do you compare leagues if they don’t play each other until March and you have to pick at large teams based on… what?


I had posted in another thread that I’m hoping that basketball can use the time from April through June if needed to finish most of a full season. Baseball goes through June so you’d think college b-ball could as well. Also since NCAA tourney was cancelled last year you’d think they would really try not to cancel two seasons in a row.

What if we started in January/February? Would that work to play 20 - 25 games plus a month long tourney. Basketball also much easier to schedule with mid week games etc than football.

What do you think?

What’s going to be fun is the way Muss is recruiting and the way he coaches we will STILL beat A&M.

I would guess basketball starts in January, or at the earliest, middle of December. Can’t see it starting in November. Also, if it’s on-line courses (and we are a long way from that now), will basketball teams have their players on campus? How would you prepare for the start of a season when you don’t have your players until late January. Crazy thoughts, I know, but every day that goes by, another thing happens that I never thought possible.

I believe there will be a season unless there’s a major health disaster with Covid. The NCAA and different networks lost a lot of money when conference and NCAA tournaments were cancelled.

Pac-12 shut down all sports until January so they can’t start the hoops season until after Christmas. I’m not aware if other leagues have done the same. Maybe the Ivy.

One thing for sure. There will be lots of decisions in the next five months and a lot of those decisions will then have to be re-decided.

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