Has the turf been replaced

At War…huuuuh, what is it good for? Memorial Stadium?

New turf was put down at War Memorial in March.

Got absolutely nothing here.

Say it again, y’all

Edward Starr 1970

About the time I listening to this song at a Vietnam War protest on the campus of Arkansas A&M (now UA Monticello).

Has the stadium game clock been replaced?

Good gawd, y’all!


Oh, and y’all know that you’ve dated yourselves, right? (I guess that I did too, when I knew all of the responses.)

War, huh, good god
What is it good for

Ain’t nothin’ but a heartbreaker,
Friend only to the undertaker

I haven’t stepped foot in there since the ULM game and I’m not sure what it will take me to go back