Has the team regressed from last season?

I alluded to serious problems with this year’s team in last week’s post about lack of a killer instinct. Perhaps miss titled. Clay was much wiser with his post about team comparison between this year’s team and last season.
During CSP’S post Bama presser, his comment about the first half effort was telling, “It’s a challenge to play hard” or words to that effect. He also stated his concern of the team regressing into past teams.
I don’t have access to past or current coaches, players or film study. My only intel is what I see on TV and listening to coaches interviews and pressers. And my eyes and ears are telling me last year’s team had a whole lot more fight in it than this year’s team.
I think we can’t under estimate the loss of Catalon to this year’s defense. His on field leadership, holding players accountable and ensuring players were in the correct pre-snap position is greatly missed.
As for offense, it always starts with the QB. Personality, I think KJ has either regressed or lost confidence or both. The OL and RBs are better. But the passing game has struggled with receivers dropping passes or KJ unable to throw to the open receivers.
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At this point yes. That could change but this week’s team M State is just going to be huge.

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I think it’s too early to say. People weren’t feeling real hot about the team in October last year but it turned things around at the end of the year. We’ll see if this one can. A lot can change between now and end of the year.

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It seems program has regressed from
Last year judging by product so far.

But to be fair, this is new era of relying on transfer portals.

We were strong DT last year via portal. Not as strong this year portal via DB and wideouts.

As sketchy as D may be this year so far, I can’t imagine this team if no Sanders or Landon and others. Seems we were seriously relying on portal for D this year.

Grant Morgan and Hayden Henry (former walk ons) played with so much vigor, grit, and nastiness. The rest of the defense seemed to feed off it.

I don’t see that this year.


Agree big time

Do you mean it could get worse? :wink:

Shoot, it almost looked like we played 10 and Bama played 12 guys yesterday.

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Add Buster Brown to that list too.

Last year we lost 3 in a row during this same stretch & all kinds of negative jargon and what’s wrong here and there was spewed. Then we started winning again. 5 out of the next 6 games and a bowl win without Burks. All was good again.

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And Ridgeway.

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Aloha Sir,
Very true. I had a post several months ago that IMHO, replacing Ridgeway was our biggest challenge for our 2022 defense. He was an impact player.
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Most people who thought we could win 10 games had A&M and Bama as losses—maybe not quite as poor of a showing, but losses nonetheless.

I’m not really all that afraid of Leach and M. state. They are going to get a lot of yards, but they might not score as much as we think they will. I think we rally and win.

I’m much more worried about the Ole Miss game. They look really good offensively. That is going to be a heck of a win, if we can pull it off.

I think we can still have a great season.

A year ago today everyone was monaning, groaning, and in despair about being completely dominated and shut out in Athens. Followed that up with two more losses in a row and it looked like the wheels were coming off.

Too early to tell.


Last October was not the same as the scenario now. Last year we beat a&m and Sam Pittman was becoming the national story before our 3 game losing streak. This year we almost lost to a fcs team before our losing streak began, against a bad a&m team, and how long is the losing streak going to be? Last year we went 4-4 in sec. We could maybe do that this year but we won’t. We played Alabama to a margin of one touchdown, last year. I don’t think fans or players lost all confidence in close losses to ole miss and auburn last year or the expected blow out vs Georgia. This year our defense hasn’t passed the eye test from the get go. You can feel the confidence dwindling away with every week.

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Disagree - I think the Auburn loss last year was very disheartening. Folks were confident we’d win that game and it felt like “here we go again” after that one.

Thankfully we had three weeks to get ready for the stretch run with a scrimmage against Pine Bluff and then an open date before MSU at home.

This schedule does not set up as well, but it’s largely front loaded. Beat either MSU or BYU( ideally both, but not likely) and we’ll be primed for a strong finish.


Last year we started ou5 poorly against Rice. Beat an overrated Texas team and beat A$M. This year we bear Cincinnati and SC handily. Despite a slow start and fumbles we ended up dominating MoSt. We dominated A$M 5his year, but we had som3 fluke mistakes. Despite the score, we showed mor3 against Bama 5his year than against UGA last year. We scored late against Bama last year to make the game look closer than it was. KJ played better against Bama last year and we had Burks.

MSU will be tough, but they missed a last second FG for us to beat them last year. It took OT to beat LSU last year. Auburn beat us badly last year even though we looked to be the better team. Much like A$M this year.

We will be challenged in every game we play this year. We should win some, but not likely all. The game this week will be tough. We need to win, but it’s on the road and no sure thing at all

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Defense is a lot worse. 3 seventy yard runs. Geez

I didn’t think the defense looked much different than last year’s game against Ole Miss. Lots of 50- and 60-something-yard gains that day and over 600 yards allowed.


And at this point the “coaches’ poll” still has us at #25. If we turn this thing around (whatever it takes) we can still march up the rankings like last year. I’m not too sure that Oklahoma and several other very good teams did not look a lot better than we did either. Let’s hang in there.

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That’s the very thought I had yesterday.

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