Has the plane watch started yet?

usually by now in a coaching search someone has started a plane watch.any sightings in foreign airports yet?

Not yet, but as I was raking Coach Norvell’s yard this morning I saw him in a red jacket has he got in his car.


Little early, give it a few more days. Things should start to heat up Thanksgiving weekend.


Was that before or after you washed his car? :slight_smile:

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but…did he have the red tie on?thats the question that needs answering

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Rumors floating that there was a trip to Sherwood this morning…to Gas up.

Some of you will get it…


:slight_smile: nice…

The plane watches don’t reveal as much as they once did. The planes are tougher to track. There is a way to block tail numbers now. So you may see that a plane goes some where, but it might not be the right plane. And, the meetings can be at regional airports or hubs.

I think the plane trackers are going to be disappointed with how Yurachek conducts his search. He is aware that people know how to track the UA and Razorback Foundation planes, and used different planes in the search that landed Musselman to avoid detection.

But, it is sure fun trying to figure it all out.:grinning:

And we tracked the Adam’s plane(Wichita) and the Everett’s(Reno), so, blocking numbers doesn’t mean anything, you can’t, or aren’t suppose to, turn off the transponder. The FAA likes to know where planes are flying, you know? I have a plane, the info isn’t blocked, just to the curious Google searches, lol.

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