Has the ink dried on his UNLV contract?!

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Thought that Petrino to UNLV was a done deal. If true, typical Petrino. Can only imagine how frustrated Odom must be.

As much as I think he is a good coach and appreciate much of his effort on the Hill, it seems one typically has a hard time running away from one’s self. Yes a much better job and I understand that, but very much true to his nature. Wonder how he and Jimbo will get along, a lot of egos there! Jimbo seems very comfortable with credit, I wonder how Bobby will feel about being a scape goat?

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Wonder if Jimbo will perhaps be looking over his shoulder if Petrino proves to be the difference maker next season. Would Petrino back stab his boss in efforts to promote himself?


BP was on Odom’s staff for 3 whole weeks.

Does a bear do stuff in the woods?


Is the Pope Catholic?


Some things never change with this man!

Only on Sundays.

“Thanks Barry for believing in me and giving me the chance to get back to D-1 football. I just got a bigger, better deal at A&M. See ya.”

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The Athletic drills down on Petrino to TAM.

A&M failed to attract other OC candidates? That’s pretty telling.

Btw, when A&M’s defensive coordinator left to become head coach at Duke I thought what is that guy thinking, ok, he wants to be a head coach, but leaving a sure thing for a rebuilding and eventual dead end job, is he crazy. And Duke turned out to be a better team than A&M. I would have bet a million dollars saying that would never happen, that’s impossible. If I could find anyone to bet against me.

What Petrino did happens more often than most probably realize. It seems there are always a handful of these situations each offseason.

Cody Kennedy came to Arkansas about six weeks after taking a job at Southern Miss. Bret Bielema’s first receivers coach at Arkansas, George McDonald, left about four weeks later to go to Syracuse.

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I didn’t remember McDonald’s name but I recalled that situation when I read the Petrino story.

The A&M message board is pretty close to being in meltdown mode. To say that the majority of their posters are unhappy about this hire would be an extreme understatement

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I don’t blame Petrino for taking taking a better gig. I’m curious about a couple of things as to staff dynamics.

First, BP has a reputation for coaching his offense, and his QBs in particular, hard. It will be very interesting to see if Jimbo can keep from interfering, Being hard on QBs has not really been his thing, he just keeps trying guys until he finds one he likes better than the others. He won enough games doing that to get where he is now. It will be interesting to see if Jimbo can live with BP’s method, or if BP will have mellowed a bit in his coaching style.

Second, it’s generally known that during his time at Arkansas that practice was offense-oriented. Hard hits even in scrimmages, unexpected blitzing or coverages, and generally anything else that made the offense go off-script was actively discouraged. That wasn’t good for the development of the defense. I am not sure he is going to be allowed to do that at A &M. BP will (probably) have a lot of control over the offense, but I doubt that the DC or Jimbo will allow the offense to dictate how the defense practices.

Third, BP has not worked for a HC in a long, long time. Can he mentally switch gears to acting like a coordinator for more than a month or two? Maybe as long as they are winning and things are going relatively smoothly, he can be the faithful lieutenant. I’ve got my doubts about what will happen when problems start…

Bobby’s a great football coach. Sam’s job just got harder.

Surprised to hear that. I bet their attitude changes by the end of next season after BP fixes their issues on offense. From an Arkansas point of view, wish BP had stayed at UNLV.

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I wish he had remained in Vegas. Aggies could have done much worse. Can BP and Jimbo co-exist?

I can see where this will really work for BP and be hard on the rest of the SEC. Bobby never seemed to like dealing with recruiting or the media, and anything other than actual football. So being a coordinator takes him away from all of that and lets him focus on figuring out how to beat the other team with the pieces he has. Plus, the money for coordinators is really good, so he still makes great pay. I sure the personalities clash, because if they don’t, we could be in trouble if Jimbo and company get the players bought.

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