Has the game been changed to 7 tomorrow

was watching TT and Ok st and they showed the bracket and had our game for 7:00 tomorrow.I would rather it be night to be honest

No. Still tomorrow afternoon

It’s possible that ESPN wants our game moved and they haven’t notified UA yet. If that’s what they want, they probably get it.

Swine I would think UA would already know by now. I have U-verse and it still shows 2pm .

UVerse schedule wouldn’t be updated yet. The Moo U move to the night game tonight because of the weather didn’t make the YouTubeTV schedule at all. As for UA, they may know but not have the website updated. They’re not real fast about doing that.

NCAA website still says 3 Eastern but it doesn’t have any of the afternoon scores updated either.

That’s an error. Game is at 2 pm. I double checked with UA.

Sitting here watching UCLA-Michigan in extra innings

When they show the brackets it shows our game tomorrow and Noon ET!

Seems some ESPN graphics people were working with conflicting/incorrect info.

Wasn’t that a crazy game? I stayed up until almost 2:30 Eastern watching it. Of course I’m a night owl now by necessity. Weirdest double play I’ve ever seen by Michigan on that smash to third base.

It is noon, Pacific Time. 2 pm central.

You are correct, I was really confused.

Yes I couldn’t figure why the runner from second just came running up to the fielder at third before I realized it was still a force play in effect

I thought he caught the ball. Then he turned and tagged the guy on third, I realized he didn’t catch it. Then he stepped on the bag. I thought that was an automatic double play, instead he had to tag him as he came towards the bag. That’s what really confused me.