Has Scanlon fallen off the radar due to his perceived

lack of support for Malzahn? I am mystified by how difficult it has become to pull the trigger on the AD - and the seeming low level candidates we have pursued. Makes we wonder if its related to the expectation that Gus is/may be coming. Are AD candidates only interested if they can name the HC and not be force fed GM? Seems there are several very capable people available within the UA community - KS being a prime example. Just go get the guy.

I hope he’s not off the radar. I think he’d be a great pick.

If Scanlon was the pick, we would already know it.

Things were moving in that direction early, I even called it on this board after talking to two sources. Evidently they came to an impasse that may have involved Steinmetz deciding that he wanted a sitting AD. Do they circle back to Kevin? Maybe, but he and Mr. Stephens may have moved on.

Steinmetz demanded experience in AD first and foremost. KS was not under consideration by the search committee for that reason and that reason only. Lay that at the feet of Steinmetz and tat was from direct communication with a search committee member. Names withheld to protect the innocent. LOTS of support for Kevin, but he fails the Steinmetz required elements to be next AD. Has nothing to do with KS and Springdale powers that want Gus.

makes sense. thanks!

wonder if that criterion will also apply to HC.

Yes Kevin Scanlon doesn’t want to be force fed Gus? The AD is in charge not the coaches or the NWA boosters. Who wants a AD that is just a schill