Has O Grady played his last game as Hawg?

Twitter and other sources are pointing to that! Any confirmation?

Pure guess, but yes.

My “give a damn”’just broke on this one. I don’t care in the least whether he plays another down of football for anyone.

For his sake he’d better hope not because if he has then his shot at being drafted is all but gone.
There have been way to many red flags about him for any NFL team to draft him even though he has NFL talent.
He will most likely have to prove himself as a free agent if he can mature enough before his NFL time clock runs out.

Go Hogs!

I think it was decided on Thursday, but let’s see what happens today.

I’m guessing he will be re-instated and play his last three games. I was of the belief that he didn’t want to play any more ahead of yesterday, but maybe that was untrue.

Clay what is this guy’s problem?? We never hear why he suspended but what is his deal?

Typically, this kind of suspension is because he was late or didn’t show for something during the week.

He’ll be drafted I’m pretty sure, but not helping his cause with all the drama. Smart GM’s
won’t touch him.