Has Loeske always had the "stanky" leg when he pitches?

Don’t get me wrong, he can dance a jig on the mound for all I care
if he keeps getting K’s like he did tonight! I just don’t remember
seeing him with the “stanky” leg movement before tonight.

They asked him about it in post game. He learned it in summer ball. Keeps the glutes warmed up

What they are talking about is that he shifts weight from one leg to the other, keeping his knees flexing. And, yes, he said it helps him stay loose in the glutes. Tiger Woods talked about his glutes not firing, but I had never heard another athlete talk about keeping his glutes active.

I guess that’s why I’m not an athlete, cause when my glutes fire its just called gas. :slight_smile:

Now that’s funny right there.

He can do an Irish river dance out there for all I care, just as long long as he keeps throwing strikes. It was kind of funny looking tho :smiley:

Watching I kept expecting the umpire to call a balk because he never seems to actually come to a set position because of all of the “Steps”. As long as he keeps throwing like that I love it…It may actually be a little unnerving to the batters.

I don’t think he used the leg movement when runners were on base. I never saw it anyway.

I have watched for this
He does not do it with runners on base

It would indeed be a balk if he did