Has Gooden officially decommitted?

His Twitter feed seems to indicate he is going elsewhere.

He retweeted a story saying he decommitted

Yes, says he is announcing Thursday. Between LSWhoo, Mistake, and Bammer

That’s about right take his drama down the road. I’m tired of it anyway.

Until he tells me or I hear it from a source I’m counting him as a commitment.

He telling people he is not going to Arkansas but leaning toward Alabama

That is what my post above was about. Gooden himself posted decision day is Thursday, and listed LSU, Mistake, and Bama as his Top 3. He may not have said anything to RD or Dudley, but he tweeted that, not anyone else. I’m pretty sure that means he decommitted. JMO though.

Welp, went back to his Twitter feed to post the tweet, it’s gone. Now he is quoting Agim, and posting about him and Sosa playing together.

Nothing will surprise me. He may want to go to Bama but that doesn’t mean they want him.

While he may be talented, I fear the drama he would bring to the program, that doesn’t need anymore.

Would probably be a weekly battle to figure out if he was going to play or transfer.

Been trying to tell you guys for a couple of weeks now that if it was up to him, he will end up at Arkansas.

Things are not always what they seem.

Richard and I will expound on his situation sometime after he signs - which might not be in December

But he’s a decent kid and not someone that would be a problem or wishy-washy.

Well…if he can get eligible by the end of next summer we better take him. We are short of his type talent. The next coach needs to get him here!