Has George Kok not ever been promoted by UofA for SWC HoF

certainly not in anyone’s memory on the board or probably even alive, but he was very decorated and the leader of some excellent Razorback basketball teams. Strange that he is not in the SWC Hall of Fame as a Razorback.

Men’s Basketball (11) : Ron Brewer, Todd Day, Marvin Delph, Scott Hastings, Joe Kleine, Lee Mayberry, Sidney Moncrief, Nolan Richardson, Glen Rose, Eddie Sutton, Darrell Walker

except for the car crash in 1944 that Razorback team was a favorite to win the NCAA tournament and was led by the big man, George Kok.


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George Kok passed away in 2013. His passing received little or no play in Arkansas sports media at the time, which I did not understand. He was a famous Razorback in his era (if any Razorbacks were famous back in that time). His Razorback notoriety may have only emerged after the resurgence of Razorback basketball in the 1970s.

. George Kok Obituary (2013) - Louisville, KY - Courier-Journal (legacy.com)

Why did he not play in the BAA? "

Kok was selected as the number two pick overall by the Indianapolis Jets in the 1948 BAA Draft, but never signed with the team nor played in the league. He did play one season with Bridgeport in the American Basketball League in the 1949-50, leading the team in scoring at 15 points per game and helping the team to the league finals, where they lost to Scranton."

Not enough money back then?

Probably not. The ABL was paying top players maybe $10,000, which was pretty good money (supposedly equivalent to $122K today) but not life-changing. And a lot of people weren’t making that much. The BAA team salary cap for the first season was $55,000 and most players were in the 4000-5000 range, although some teams were able to get around that by giving some players off-court duties like handling publicity or the team’s business affairs. (You can’t do that any more for obvious reasons.)

In those days the NFL paid about 5,000 a year. Later when Namieth got a 250,000 signing bonus a lot of folks thought it was crazy.

It occurs to me that by the time they got around to creating the SWC HOF in 2013, there wasn’t anyone left around UA, or anywhere else, that actually saw Kok play.

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