Has DVH announced our pitcher for tonight?

I suspect it’s going to be Smith. He’s a lefty & he’s been a regular weekend starter. However, he has pitched much better in a relief role. There’ve been times he couldn’t find the zone.

I think of him as almost exclusively a fastball pitcher. How effective are his breaking balls & changeup? Hate to admit it, but I really can’t remember. OM is pretty good if they can sit FB.

Not yet, at least not publicly.

Smith doesn’t seem to work as fast as earlier in the season. Thought he pitched better then to. May be my imagination.

I don’t care who we start, but I’d like it to be whoever can get us through the third inning scoreless, even if that’s all they pitch. Just need a good first 9 outs to give us a chance to put on the pressure. Maybe that’s Connor.

It’s Hagen Smith.

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Doesn’t surprise me. He’s shown he is more than capable. Just need him to stay under control through 5 or 6 innings. Don’t give up walks or more than a couple of scattered hits. If we can keep them to < 3 runs through 6, we should be in pretty good shape.

I think this is definitely the right call. I understood people questioning why McEntire didn’t get the call the first time against them, and Will showed why last night.

In this case, however, I think this is clearly the best option. And he has been pitching really well lately. This also helps us play the stat game, based on their average against lefties.

Hope it works out… Go Hogs!

Let’s just hope he can come out and throw strikes, keep the ball down and mix his pitches, he does that he’ll be fine. Hasn’t pitched in over a week I’m a little bit concerned he might be too strong. Hope he can give us about 7.

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Yes. He has to stay in control. No doubt he has the stuff to shut them down. He just can’t issue walks or hit batters. Give them nothing easy to hit.

How many pitches does he throw well, Billy? I know he has a great fastball, but what else?

He has a pretty good slider and curveball but does not have command of either one of them on a consistent basis.He can ever learn to do that and mix them in a good bit that 95 plus fastball will become unhittable, hopefully we’ll see that tonight.

What would be a big help if we come out and get two or three runs in the first before they bat and he can just relax and concentrate on throwing strikes



I’m kinda glad we are visitors

Both previous games we have scored in the first
Hit ‘em early and hit ‘em often, and hit ‘em hard


I suppose it’s those pitches that have gotten him in trouble by walking & hitting batters. Just hope he can locate his fastballs well & we can stake him to an early lead.

No bases on balls, please.

If we manage this, our chances are very good.

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Exactly. Those & HBP’s killed us when we played Monday night.

FTR I love this call

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We agree on this one

My hope is that Hagen got his mojo back from his closer work and he goes out and pitches like he is capable.

Just CANNOT give any free passes


Well anytime you let a team have to worry about only the fastball then that’s what they’re looking for and his fastball is straight anyway, he doesn’t get much movement, that’s what I’m afraid of in the first inning tonight he loves to start people off of the first pitch fastball,all four of their first hitters are very aggressive, they will be looking for that,I would love to see him start them off with a breaking ball for a strike and that would really give them something to think about, I’ll be shocked if he does it though because he’s loves that fastball

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