Has Desi Sills landed anywhere yet?

It seems he would have landed someplace by now.

Not that I have heard and kind of a head scratcher. Did he burn his bridges with Muss?

I think Muss would help Desi no matter how strained the relationship was. Could be Desi is just trying to find the right fit. Which would be best course of action at this stage.

You may have missed earlier posts. He had cut it to final two of Auburn and Texas A&M. Then a Big 12 showed interest in him.

In other words, things are still up in the air with Desi.

Full disclosure here… I posted that supposedly a Big 12 showed interest. That came straight from Kevin McPherson who didn’t state it as fact but was vague about his source. I’m a little surprised that something hasn’t happened yet and can’t help but wonder if Desi and/or the schools of interest are waiting on the decisions of others.

If these mentioned schools are trying for other transfers before closing with Desi, he is again coming off the bench.

I wonder a little if Desi thought his value at a major P5 was a little higher than it actually is. Especially if he thought he was going to be a starter and a 15-20 ppg type guy.

Maybe. But maybe he just wants a chance with a different coach to not come off the bench.

I just read an article in the New York Post saying Mike Anderson just needs one more guard to refill all of his positions. I guess Sills doesn’t want to live in NYC or something because he would be the perfect fit for Anderson’s squad.

St. John’s is looking for a shooter to come off the bench to provide instant offense, kind of like JD. They think with the three key transfers (C, PF and SG) they have picked up from the portal, they have all the pieces except that. I don’t think Desi fits the missing piece.

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