Has been reported

Solomon Wright entering the portal.


Curious if this was his decision or was aided by the coaching staff trying to make room on the roster. I think we have to be back within the 85 scholarship limits next year that had been waived with the Covid Super Seniors.

Yes we have to be back within the 85. But the super seniors are all leaving. The question is how many super seniors will we have next year; room needs to be made under the 85 limit. Also, we can sign up to 32 people if we have seven people hit the portal after Dec. 16, but Wright doesn’t fit into that.

these covid seniors are like working the transfer portal, but better. They are a known entity, whereas a transfer coming in needs to acclimate to the system etc. Have to allow for them in recruiting etc. Just a win-win in my mind

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Hate to lose DL that’s for sure. Not sure how he was going to pan out but hate to lose him if there was a chance he could really help us out!

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