Has Arkansas "won" the transfer battle in the eyes of potential transfers?

Sanders, Nudie, and Haselwood all had nice years. How much does this help us land other players?

Definitely helps. It’s like Muss having sucess with transfers and other transfers believe they can do the same. Pittman can say you can be the next Sanders, Nudie or Haselwood.


I think the key is recruiting the guy they you believe can start from day one and telling him as such. That’s the biggest selling point. Obviously has to earn it, but if you recruit good enough talent, it should be fairly easy to say, hey look at the guys that have transferred. I think CSP should rely on CEM and just upgrade, upgrade as much as possibly but with guys that can have significant impact. We need starters. Especially at LB. Losing morgan and henry, replacing with pool and sanders, now just paul. Need a NFL prospect in other spot. Same for DE, S and nickel.

Absolutely. Amazing how many positions you listed are on the defensive side of the ball.

Not surprising at all.

Alabama is on the outside looking in because of defense mainly, although an argument could be made they need on No. 1 receiver. Still defense is what goes the distance. We can improve at every position. I could have added OT to that list but wasn’t focused on it at the time.

It is sickening that we have so much difficulty in picking up a yard or two for a first down and scoring TD’s from inside the five yard line. With a huge, powerful QB and better than average RB’s, why are we stopped so often in the above situations?

That’s a great question. Would love to see the coaches really share some in-depth discussion on this.

To me, it looked liked we tried to run over either guard and center, almost exclusively. Doesn’t take very long for opposing teams to stack those spots… JMO

Are we to predictable because our coaching staff lacks confidence in our execution or a lack of creativity from our coaches? Is it possible that undiagnosed injuries are part of the problem. Are our backups that major of an issue?

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Depth has been an issue for the Hogs. Some areas more critical than others, but overall lack of depth has been a problem.
Players want to play, but they also want to win. Playing for a winning program is a big draw.
Alabama, for example, is a winning program. Almost always, (except this year), are a CFP contender and winning championships. Quality players are drawn to that program, and the depth they have is willing to wait for their opportunity.

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