Has Arkansas ever won 3 Bowls in a role?

I’m thinking our Razorbacks haven’t

If Coach Bret pulls this off it will be historic and a vote showing the trend for the future I think


Three bowls in three years? No. Never won two in two years until the 2016 Liberty (played Jan. 2, remember). Three consecutive bowls? Yes. Right now, dating back to the 2012 Cotton.

It would mean a little more if the bowls were of the major variety instead of the lower tier jobs, but we will take what we can get. Arkansas has been one of the worst bowl teams in the history of college football. Sad, but true.

Interesting that we’ve never gone to bowls more than six straight years. Even in the “glory days” that so many of our fans pine for (we missed bowls in '63, '66 and '70, although the last two were because we turned bids down, plus '72-'73-'74 in the Broyles era). Meanwhile, Florida State is at 35 straight years and counting.

It doesn’t matter to me if it is minor bowls or not

Winning bowl games is significant

Playing a brand like VA Tech is an opportunity

I heard Coach Bret in Bo Show yesterday
I’ve been too negative

He is taking the program in the right direction

Razorbacks just need to hang on - this one included

Well said

But it’s such a different world now, it’s apples to oranges about consecutive bowl appearances. Now lower tier schools from conferences like the MAC & Sunbelt can go several years in a row. The SBC has something like 6 bowl tie-ins.

This is true, but we’re not taking advantage of it very well. We’ve missed five seasons of bowl play since Y2K.