Has anyone talked about MA

completely outcoaching Kermit in the last minute or no?

I ask this not to start a flame war. MA has had his struggles this year. But, he worked Kermit at thee end, today.

I haven’t seen anyone say it, but you’re correct he did.

nice win for MA—

its time for the ball to bounce the hogs way…

Mike used his last two timeouts perfectly. Ole Miss had zero idea what to do once we blanketed Breein Tyree. It was such a thing of beauty. My only complaint with the guys that don’t like Mike, or my biggest one is that he can’t coach or draw up a play.

Absolutely owned him on that last possession.

Of Course Kermit Davis blamed it on Dom not handing him the ball.

Pressure D

I just started a thread talking about that. He straight threw his player under the bus… “I’ve ran that play for so and so years and the ball always got handed off… I don’t know why he didn’t hand it off.” He probably didn’t hand it off because CMA called a timeout and seen what you were doing and denied him the ball lol.

Breein did the same thing. Said 'Don’t know why he didn’t hand it off to me"

LMAO. Great defense by Harris and Gabe. Great call by Mike.

Yes it was. I was screaming “double tyree” as loud as I could from my seat. There were a couple small kids sitting in front of me, and they looked at me like I was a raving lunatic. Harris and Gabe played that in bound pass perfectly. And yes, a great defensive call by Mike.

I’m 100% guilty of criticizing Mike and blasting Jalen Harris the last 2 weeks. I wholeheartedly believe Mike can coach. My biggest concern is the ability to assemble a roster…recruit, keep, develop without large drop offs.

I also think my criticism may be short sided by the fact Mike has principles and ethics where he won’t play the game. Love to see him on a level field.

As I’ve watched Florida State the last 3 years this is where I’d like us to be.

Harris shot goes in 20% of the time !!

This season the struggles haven’t been about the coaching. THE failures have been caused by players not making plays on both ends of the floor. I’ve been critical of Harris, Gabe and Adrio. They take shots on offense they seldom make. Gabe and Adrio get the ball on offense and the possession especially late in the shot clock is basically over. Yesterday Adrio had the had the ball in the corner and Emery Simpson ends up having to take a bad 3 not his fault but just how it affects the offense. When they catch the ball around the basket it’s a crap shot as well. The frustration with this years team in my opinion isn’t coaching its the role players.
From the Texas game forward.
Missing free throws and jacking up 3’s. Not being strong with the ball and failing to play defense.
CMA is a good coach he just needs to have the core group of this hogs team return next season and they will be better.
It equally important to recruit some play makers.

This game was decided by the referees.

The SEC refs are completely biased and the SEC office mandates each week who should win or lose.

You could tell they were calling everything for Arkansas and against Ole Miss. The FT’s were 20 for Ark and 11 for Ole Miss.

We made 2 more FT’s than Ole Miss. The difference in the game.

Ole Miss got robbed.

:shock: :shock: :smiley: :smiley:

I agree with you. Coaches who have been successful don’t forget coaching all of a sudden.

Adrio and Gabe are getting the ball late in the clock is because if the others on the court get defended tight, Adrio or Gabe are the ones available for the pass. Joe Kleine has a saying that if you are a bad shooter, the ball will find you.

I think every team has a player or two that you don’t want taking the shot late in the clock. The way around that is to have a scorer that can create his own shot in face of a tight coverage and score rather than having to pass the ball to the wrong guy. We just don’t have that guy. Mason tries to be that and at times is successful.