Has anyone seen Montrelle McDonald?

Hanging around the locker room with his bad chemistry set? Guy has a knack for ruining promising seasons doesn’t he?

Who is that. Never heard of him. How bout more info

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … l-mcdonald

For some reason I thought you’ve followed the hogs closely over the years. Can’t believe you don’t know who this guys is.

Check out Pelphrey’s teams.

Well you know more than me so why don’t you tell us. Not ashamed to admit the name doesn’t ring a bell w me. Who is the Kentucky point guard again?

They don’t have one. Many seem to think fox beacuse he’s listed as a pg, but he’s not even in the top of SEC for assists. They play one on one basketball just like we do.

Montrell was a respectable, clean (errr) player on one of pelphreys teams that would have been used more if he wasnt suspended about his entire time him.

He was also known as locker room malcontent who stirred up a lot of trouble.