Has anyone received an explanation on DemGaz new UAF naming policy...................

…yet? I am a subscriber (Sunday only so the wife can get coupons) and have written the editor to voice my irritation and asking for an explanation. No reply. I have emailed the Arkansas Times to see if they will “get to the bottom of this” since they like to stick it to the DemGaz whenever they can but they also like to stick it to the UAF folks so they may lay low and like it. I know that reporters cannot discuss publicly editorial policy and hope to keep their jobs but I thought someone would quit pretending this is “normal” journalism and reveal the political agenda behind it. Anyone? Beuhler?

I noticed today that the “policy” was included in an article about UAPB. Has it been applied to all of the other UofA’s as well and I just failed to notice or is this a new expansion of that policy? They will probably pretend that this is just the “politically correct” way to name local institutions in the same system for clarity purposes. Until they do it for all state flagship universities in every article in their paper, in the great tradition of Animal House, I call “bullsh_t” on that brain fart. :sunglasses:

Can one of you reporters forward this post to your editors without getting hammered by them for doing it?

It’s been said that it was an older rule from the old ADG management. When the old guys left, our current guys quit using it. Now, current management has mandated that they go back to the rule. - either Dudley or Clay said this on the board yesterday. The rest of the writers on here have echoed the comment. I believe Matt or Jimmy posted a link to email the complaint to.

Now, as to why they decided to (originally use this policy or) go back to this policy, I have no clue. My guess is an A State Grad took over the ADG :smiley:

Thanks for sharing. I missed that explanation from Dudley or Clay. I still say applying it to UofA institutions while (many times in the same sentence) not applying it to other state’s flagship institutions with lots of minor campuses like at the UofA, makes it political. The original decision to apply that policy only to the UofA and its “ever how many” dwarfs was politically motivated and the decision to renew it when it went away is just as political. I don’t like it and I think it should cost the DemGaz subscribers and the resulting revenue. Now I got to get a crow bar and try to pry that Sunday coupon delivery paper out of my wife’s clinched and angry hands.