Has anyone noticed improvement in the O-Line?

This is the umpteenth game where a team has rushed 4 and easily gotten to the QB.

Defensive speed !

No our line is pitiful and I haven’t seen any improvement. We don’t have a person on the line that would start for another SEC team.

Actually I did see some improvement during the season, but all that vanished and they have gotten worse. Bad as it gets now.

In the early part of the SEC schedule I could have sworn the blocking has ascended then by game 7-8 it was reminiscent of game 2 again.

Dustin Fry is learning on the job how to recruit thus their are no “elite” O-Lineman coming in to replace what we already have :flushed: so the QB is going to spend the 2019 season RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE.

Guys right now you have Noah gatlin at left tackle Austin Capps at left guard hjalte at center. Line truly very little experience. They are playing the hand they have been dealt. Let’s see who plays over next 3 years.

At this point it looks like it doesn’t matter, I’m in doubt that our O-Line coach can coach them up from what I’ve see this season. No matter who you have you have to be able teach them and make them better, WPS