Has anyone here heard anything at all about Ryan

Mallett and his chances of being invited to any camp etc. I have not found a word on his future plans and hope he is not finished in the NFL

Nothing I can find on the rumor mill. My guess is he might be brought in as a minimum-salary backup for a team with injury issues at QB. Could be mid-camp or mid-season. And that’s if he’s lucky.

In the long run Ryan may be a very fortunate man. He made 2 million last year to sit on the bench. He’s been paid several million over the years he’s been in the NFL with limited time on the field. So he should be financially set (hopefully he’s invested his money wisely) plus he’s not taken the pounding of a starter or position player.

When you look at the end results of many NFL players Ryan may have (inadvertently) indeed been fortunate.

I know everyone wants to start and star but when he’s older he may be thankful. Who knows…

One way to look at it.

I agree. It is a shame that so many players in professional sports have made several million and end up broke by age 35. Or even worse, in prison.

Ryan will probably get one more shot in the first couple months of the season after all the inevitable QB injuries that happen every year…

He just needs to stay in shape and wait for the right opportunity. Hard to imagine he won’t get another chance to be a back up this season for at least the veteran minimum.

He does need to start thinking hard about life after his playing career ends. He’s not going to ever be a starter in the NFL again barring some kind of miracle, and at some point he will sink far enough down in the pool of available veteran back ups to end it. He really needs to have an opportunity to play in a couple of regular season games soon to show that he’s still a workable option as a veteran back up.

I play softball over at Gary Hampton Park on Tuesday nights with some buddies, and Mallett is on a team in our men’s league. He played center field tonight and legged out a chopper to short tonight :lol: But I hear he isn’t going to do much until August. I assume he is working out up here.

Ryan is working out in Fayetteville. He bought a gorgeous home west of town on some acreage. He expects to get a call in August as things develop. He still holds value in the NFL. Players will go down. He will most likely be in the league again this fall.

Thanks, guys, I would like to see him get one more shot and do well.