Has anyone checked on Scottie?

I’m not an NBA fan, but I seem to remember that Scottie is a big fan of the Phoenix Suns.

Sounds like it was a rough day, yesterday.

I didn’t watch it, but I saw the halftime score (Suns down by 30) and thought, wow, a blowout like that at home? For the team with the league’s best record by a mile?

Been a rough 12 hours. Woke up this morning, was getting the boys ready for the day and found out our youngest did the same thing the Suns did last night on their home floor.

Kind of in disbelief. The last 2 seasons I’ve gotten the Phoenix local feed through NBA League Pass. I would know when I clicked to watch a game what I was going to see from them. I had no idea what to expect the last month or so. The group was a shell of itself and completely out of character. I listened to all the postgame pressers and my favorite Suns podcast this morning and it’s still tough to process.

Luca was superb and Chris Paul and Devin were strangely no factor. Golden State looks like the clear favorite along with Boston to play in the finals.

I’d say that Paul’s absence of being a factor is hardly strange. He’s Playoff James Harden with better PR in the postseason. @ScottieBordelon should probably abstain, but the first 20 min or so of Bill Simmons’ latest podcast with Ryen Rusillo, noted Paul apologist, puts it in perspective. Paul is a postseason bust.

Scottie I caught the game one minute into the second half and the score was 59 to 27 and I had to double take and see that it was saying 11 minutes left in the third quarter and I thought wait !they have 27 points one minute into the third quarter!! I really couldn’t explain that either for a team as talented as they are. I know they’re in shock trying to figure out what happened as well

I texted a buddy after Game 2 and said I didn’t see how Phoenix wouldn’t sweep Dallas. The Mavs didn’t show much in terms of defensive strategy. But to Jason Kidd’s credit, he made terrific adjustments, Dallas attacked the right guys when it had the ball and the Mavs made the Suns’ key players look like middling role guys. Phoenix had no answers.

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As a Mavs fan….it was beautiful to watch although I didn’t start cheering loudly until about 6 minutes left for fear of a Mavs meltdown lol!!!

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