Has anyone been named recruiting director?

Do we know how well funded that office will be compared to tops in SEC?


Brooke Stepp, who is the wife of Justin Stepp, is the director of recruiting. She was on the staff at SMU. I don’t know how it compares to the rest of the SEC, but she will make $90,000 per year.

Mark Smith still will have a significant influence in the recruiting process.

Thanks Matt.

I have to admit, I would have expected a higher compensated role for such an important position.

I wish her the best.

In addition to where her comp might rank in SEC, I guess better question is our anticipated recruiting budget vs others at top of SEC.

But I realize some of that may be moving targets.

Thanks for the insights on the new hire.

I’m not sure what the job description would be for the recruiting director. I doubt she will be analyzing film and contacting recruits. I suspect the job is about organizing the recruit visits to make sure the visit is a good one. :wink:

Not 100% sure, but I think the role being discussed is similar to the one supposedly being done by Jessica Dorrell in Bobby Petrino’s staff. Yes, we ALL know what happened and what “job” she was really doing (no need to post a bunch of jokes about it). But, my point is that there was someone who did that job before Jessica, and afterward - so it was and is a “legit” position. It’s an administrative position that handles the logistics for recruits during their on-campus visits. Of course, having the right personality is important as well (not the case for all “administrators”), since they interact with the recruits and their families.

At that time Dorrell was employed (2012), the compensation was $56K. In that context, $90K seems appropriate.

Both Justin and Brooke are very impressive.

Certainly had done their homework at the introductory press conference. Knew about my love for the Cards, Cowboys and Celtics.

I found that impressive.

I obviously missed something: When was that press conference?

:lol: :lol: