Has anybody received their tickets

For home games?

I have not. The ticket website shows delivery delayed. The first games are 5 days away, so they need to make them available quickly. I did get my parking pass a week ago, but no tickets to download yet

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I talked to the ticket office on Friday. I was told the tickets would be delivered the first of the week.

Got mine Friday

You can already access via Gameday app

Yep, just looked at mine on the GameDay app and they’re there.

Yeah, mine were there. BUT, the transfer option is not working for me. I can transfer a ticket, but it can’t be accessed by the recipient. We went to the ticket office. They took both of our phones and tried everything, no dice. They wanted to print our tickets, but I said fix it. (I didn’t want to have to print 30 tickets.)

They were surprised that we were willing to wait. It’s no big deal as long as they get it figured out. Hey, I just wanted to give their techies something to do. (I would have loved figuring out something like that when I was working.)

Got mine today

Got mine today too.

Makes me sad that this might be one of the best teams we’ve ever had and a lot of folks won’t get to see them in person. I usually go to a few games throughout the season but it’s gonna be hard to get into any game on a decent weather day (I like to take my 4 year old so no super cold games.)
Those midweek freezing games might be my only chance and I’ll be going solo because I know the wife and kid aren’t coming to those. At least all the home and SEC games are televised.

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