Has anybody received their parking pass

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From the Season Ticket Holder page on Facebook, this post was dated February 4:


» Be on the lookout as Mobile Tickets are being uploaded into your account this weekend. You can now manage all of your tickets for the season, including downloading and transferring your tickets by logging in to your account.

» Parking Passes for Eligible STH are being sent via physical mail and will be arriving in your mailboxes towards the end of next week/prior to Opening Weekend

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There is a ticket holder Facebook page?

Indeed there is. If you are a season ticket holder and do not have access, you should probably check with the ticket office (479-575-5151) as it is a private group.

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I did today and got screwed by the foundation yet again. I’m moved from Cardinal to Baum Walker East which is the crap parking lot across the street (Razorback) it’s literally the worst lot to get in or out of.

I’m reasonably sure that Cardinal is now all Broyles-Matthews donors.

Is it unreasonable to be really pissy about it? I already went through the pain of moving from behind home plate to the 1st base line. Now it’s being kicked out of an area I’ve tailgated in for 20 years

Oh I agree with that. I’ve been tailgating with the BaumBQ Squad for years. There is a real question about how the group will continue … and where.

Yep, I believe it is, too. I received my parking pass yesterday for it. I actually prefer Baum East, it’s easier for me to get in and out of.

What is “Baum East?”

Parking lot in between Baum and the plant to the east. Tends to be an extreme choke point for me coming from the west.

As @twood said, it is across Razorback Road from the stadium.

I was told. Parking passes were mailed out February 8. Have not received mine yet

I got mine in Fayetteville a few days ago.

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