Has anybody ever seen a chart showing

Season ticket distribution by county for football/hoops/baseball?

It would be interesting to see where the most rabid fans come from

I’ve always heard they came from the Boxley area. Lots of skunks and rabies is very high in that county.


I saw one about five years ago for football. I seem to remember it being about one-third Northwest Arkansas.

I think baseball ticket holders — prior to the priority overhaul — would have been overwhelmingly from Northwest Arkansas. It’ll probably still be that way, but might level off some.

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Do you include Ft Smith as NW AR?

I don’t personally, but I don’t know how it was calculated in the UA’s numbers. My guess is that its view of Northwest Arkansas is limited to Washington and Benton counties.

I know they had it broken down by NWA, NEA, SEA, SWA, and CA, I’ve never seen it by county.

I’ve always thought Northwest Arkansas was a tricky term. To me, it is Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville and the surrounding communities. To others it is used more to refer to a broader geographical quadrant.

One could say Fort Smith or Harrison are in Northwest Arkansas, and they wouldn’t be wrong, but that’s not my interpretation of that term.

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Yeah. If you’re talking quadrants, Ft Smith is clearly NWA. But it seems over the past decade or two that NWA seems more limited to Washington & Benton Cos when people are speaking of it. I guess that’s due to most of the growth coming there.

However as one who lives in Pulaski Co, I always considered NWA all the counties from Sebastian up to Benton to be included. Also considered Madison, Newton, Johnson as part of it.

I think for a lot of us who live here, we’ve been trained to think of Ft. Smith as separate from Northwest Arkansas.

If you watch the local TV stations, they give weather forecasts for NWA and then for the river valley (which Ft. Smith is definitely part of).

They just seem separate in how they are viewed in terms of media, but I agree that it’s not wrong to consider them part of NWA. It probably depends on if you’re considering the entire state or just this part of it.

There are lots of ways to subdivide the state to be fairly concise. NWA, River Valley (which I’d call those counties that run along the river beginning in Conway County through Sebastian.), Cent Ark., No Central Ark, NEA, SEA, So. Central., SW., West. Could also say the Prairie, Delta, Ozarks, Ouachitas, etc.

I grew up in Arkadelphia, which sometimes seems to be considered SWA and sometimes South Central (the electric co-op based in Arkadelphia is South Central Co-Op) :man_shrugging: Whatever’s convenient, I guess.

Since the construction of I-49 between Fort Smith and Fayetteville, the drive is infinitely more convenient than the torturously serpentine highway 71 winding it’s way up past Mountainburg and Winslow to Fayetteville. If you had time, a stop at Mount Gaylor was a welcome break. Now it’s an easy and scenic one-hour drive and one is treated to a wonderful view of Fayetteville and the campus when coming over the last hill out by Greenland. All of that to say being only one hour away should qualify inclusion of Fort Smith into the Northwest Arkansas zone.

Boxley is one of the prettiest places in the whole state. Don’t make me put a voodoo on your fishing expeditions. :slight_smile:

I love Boxley, Ponca, etc.

I was born in Ft. Smith in 1946 and raised there through 1969. The latter four of those years were spent in Fayetteville getting my degree. After that, I pretty much moved out of state and lived like a nomad coast to coast. Having said that, I grew up being told that I lived in NW Arkansas and I have related to that definition ever since and proud of it. I am also very proud to be a Razorback alumni. Go Hogs!

Generally speaking, I think from an out of state perspective northwest Arkansas is probably the NW quadrant but if you’re in state NWA now means Washington/Benton counties. Ft. Smith falls into the River Valley region.

And Lost Valley down there.

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