Has any team made it look larder?

Wow! A win is a win is a win! Not a complaint, as I’m thrilled, but this team has made winning hard into an art form. Anything they could do to make it harder on themselves, theyve done it! They do just enough, and Id say that they play over the sum of their parts. I call that guts, and a will to win no matter how bad things get. They are the Heart Attack Hogs! WPS!


Oklahoma State could have been in a super regional with any other No. 2 seed. I’d say Oklahoma State made it difficult on Arkansas, not so much that Arkansas made it difficult on itself.


We beat a really really good team at their place. After the last few weeks of our season, I am ecstatic with the results. I may have lost some hair and shaved a year or two off my life in the meantime.


I was thinking of the last three weeks, but you’re right, OSU has a heck of a squad. Now that we know the result, I can say maybe one of the gutsiest series Ive ever watched. My nerves are wracked!

I’d say having a four run lead in the bottom of the 9th and not allowing a runner on was doing it the easy way. The hard way would’ve been loading the bases in the 9th.

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It aged me a few years no doubt

We try larder!

Oh man, you made me snort!

I don’t think it was just coach speak when DVH said that team was equal to the best 1 or 2 teams we have played this year.

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