Has Any Successful UA Coach Lost to the Likes of San Jose St?

I can’t remember it happening…Houston’s UNLV loss was at least a bowl game. I remember Citadel, Toledo, ULM, and last year, ha. I’m sure I’m leaving a couple out. But Broyles, Holtz, Hatfield, Nutt, and Petrino NEVER lost to a team like San Jose St or am I forgetting one? Let’s see we might have lost a few conference games to Rice and Tulsa might have beat us once or twice, different animal though.

Between the Citadel and ULM I found Memphis St 92-93, Memphis 94, SMU 95-97. Not as bad as the others, but other than that, I had to go back to Broyles Final season as HC, he lost to Tulsa. But that is a list of our bad losses from 76-2012 (Tulsa - ULM)

Check…so the answer to my question, I mentioned Rice and Tulsa, is no? :sunglasses:

I don’t know, I would consider Tulsa in that category, but Frank stepped down after that year, Will CCM?

Edit: But Tulsa finished 7-4-1 and tied for the MVC conference championship. Will SJS in the MWC?

Tulsa in that category? Today yes, back in those days no and the team that beat Broyles was probably one of the better teams Tulsa had, they had a few good ones back in the day. Easy to check, but I’m gonna work out this morning before I do the WWW, ha. CCM resign? No way.

That is not a fair comparison, I would say Frank stepped up. :sunglasses:

Yeah, sorry, thought you said Rice and Baylor. So, correct, the answer is most likely no, unless you count Memphis St.

Won’t disagree

MSU loss not a successful coach.

True. Just listing what I consider SJS type losses.

As for successful coaches, don’t know enough about Frank’s entire HC stint. Little young, but Holtz, Hatfield, Nutt, and Bobby P - NO

SJSU would have been brought in to open the season at War Memorial…sacrificial lamb for a Saturday nite in LR. :sunglasses:


Also, looked up all of Broyles HC stint. Rice and Tulsa. Other than his first year, almost every loss has a ranked team attached.

Headed to Colorado Springs this weekend, we’ll find out quick.
AF will roll over them most likely. :sunglasses:

*Friday, can watch on CBSSN

I think The Citadel was the worst loss in the program’s history. Jack Crowe was fired the next day. CBB had the worst win in program history. If not for the heroics of TJ Hammonds and Steam Boat Kelley, he would have been fired for losing to Coastal Carolina. I would rank the loss to The Joses as the second worse behind The Citadel. 76 Tulsa team was decent. Not a horrible loss. Frank’s loss to Rice in 71 was pretty bad, but not this bad.

Three year stretch 71-73, we tied and lost twice. Rice wasn’t that weak in those days, overall series is only 35-29 Hogs. True, most of Rice wins before Broyles.