Harsin out at Auburn

Big shock there. Talk about a bad fit…

I figure they wanted to get John Cohen in place before they dropped the hammer.

I can see Harsin doing really well wherever he lands next. Maybe somewhere out west. And it’ll make this whole fiasco look even dumber.

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Bo Nix is certainly playing better out west. Something about getting out of Lee County, I think.


BO Nix got out of the SEC!
Well it was obvious Harsin would get canned it was only a matter of when. Now that it has happened the players might catch fire. I’m just glad it happened after we beat them.

Looks like he leaves with a 15 million dollar buyout. That’s 36 million paid to the last two ex coaches. Of coarse we live in a glass house. We’ve paid 18 million on our last two.

Hey, they were dumb enough to hire two coaches from A. State. lol.


I guess the hogs got a bargain dropping 18 million to get the last 2 sent packing. I wonder how long it will take for them to announce their next HC.
Would Kiffin bolt late in the season for a bank load of cash.

Matt Rhule is sitting there, unemployed…

Auburn & TAMU have the same problem. Doesn’t bother me about either one.


YellaWood is going to have to cut down a lot of trees to pay that…


I hope Auburn hires another Miss!

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I doubt they’d bring in the new AD chopping heads from the start.
I see 2 candidates that will have serious considerations…H. Freeze & D. Sanders

I wonder if this had something to do with the supposed new AD from Miss St, who may have a coach in pocket, or maybe, Hugh Freeze recent news of possibly signing a big extension at Liberty.

Rhule would be better off going to Nebraska, where he would be given time by a very desperate fan base to do the same thing he did at Temple and Baylor.

Maybe we will have deja vu all over again, and Auburn will go to plan Tuberville and hire Lane Kiffin, He or Coach Prime would be more Auburn’s style, especially to succeed a guy with Harsin’s personality.

One other guy they might like would be Sonny Dykes at TCU, who culturally would probably be a good fit and has TCU up about as high as it can go in his first season.


I think Hugh Freeze is a good fit for them. Auburn Boosters have a little brother complex w/ Bama and think they have to cheat to recruit. Hugh has no problem cheating.

I think Freeze is still radioactive in SEC minds. Or his phone call list is.

Deion has done well at Jackson State, but he has no experience with a league where they slit your throat and drink your blood, as Joe Kines put it. He played at Free Shoes when they were still independent, much less in the SEC.

I’m guessing after the Harsin fiasco they’ll be looking for someone with SEC experience. Rhule doesn’t have that either. Dave Aranda at Bayluh was at LSU for years. His OC Jeff Grimes has worked at both Auburn and LSU. Would they try to get Stoops out of Kentucky? Given that the Jellycats are better than Auburn now, why would he leave?

I am sure they can get a good coach with the money they will toss around. Hey, I will take the job (go get them boys, I am going to the bank!). Still, I would think a lot of coaches would have to stop and think about jumping into that job. The expectations are so unrealistic: Beat Bama, and everybody else and win a NC within 2 yrs or you are gone.

I too think Harsin will do well out this way someplace. Not a bad coach. The Auburn situation is crazy.

Possibly, but more importantly he’s took down Saban a few times which is priceless for auburn.
I’ve even heard that Cohen could try to sway the current M.St. coach. Which is unlikely but you never know what might transpire from the loveliest village on the plains.

Too bad Butch Jones hasn’t done well enough to be the next one!

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