Harsin out at auburn

Reading Harsin May be out at auburn, same problem we had with CBP.

No. Not same problem. Same excuse. But they will Fire because he did not win/recruit.

And we got hammered for firing a coach after 2 years. Auburn better get hammered.

Bye Bye Harsin

May explain the abrupt defection of his some of his staff recently. Writing was on the wall.

Any Auburn recruits available?

Auburn did not sign one top 100 player. One of their top recruits was an Auburn basketball signee (and a good football player) who will not play football. They wanted to include him to help their ranking. That’s how you get fired.

Saw this on Twitter…

It will be off field they cite when he’s fired. But 6-7 gets you fired at Auburn.

Saturday Down South has a number of items on this including statement from the College President. There is a real mess there that is one disfunction operation right now. Harsin will not go quietly into the good night it seems. Boosters gotta be boosters in that area of the world. We should be glad that they do not have the money to NIL recruiting like A &M does but they will owe Harsin $15 m on top of Gus if they make the move now. No one will want the job if they believe Harsin.

Will Auburn owe Harsin a buyout?

Harsin supposedly gets 70% of the remaining money on his contract if he is fired without cause. That’s roughly $18M as of now. Administration is conducting an ‘investigation’ of the program right now in a desperate effort to find their cause and avoid paying another massive buyout–just seems like yesterday they were giving Gus $21M to go away.

And yet Auburn still managed to beat us the past two seasons…one with officiating help and the other because we were so beat up mentally and physically when we played them at Fayetteville. Good grief. Can’t beat Auburn even when they are relatively down.
UA…Campus of Champions

It’s a mess down there on the plains. Harsin (as noted) will not leave quietly. Reports from folks down there indicate that several influential boosters were not happy with the hire from the get go. Then go 6-7 losing your last 5. Yikes….not to mention coaches leaving, players leaving and poor recruiting. The talk is that Harsin is hard on players, coaches and everyone around him. Which IMO would not matter if his W/L record was good. Auburn has a history of running them off quickly. Kinda funny to me.

War Eagle (ha!)

My first thought was this will really hurt recruiting this year. Players could bail. But with the transfer portal, maybe it helps them.


The overall program is arguably as good as it has ever been right now.

Guy, please check your messages.

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