Harsin in play

Multiple sources have reported that he has in fact been interviewed during this process but I’ve seen very, very little about him aside from that. Seems to me based on HY’s MO (CEM hire) that where there is no smoke maybe where the most fire truly is. IMO, though he’s not as flashy as LK and no history of rebuilding a dumpster fire, he’d be a borderline homerun hire. He’s been an incredibly successful coach with a far, far better pedigree than let’s say Drinkwitz. He’s also IMO exactly what we need, he’s a fundamentals first guy. We all know we’ll never recruit with the big dogs of the SEC, that means our only hope is scheme and fundamentals. I think CM had a good system but failed miserably at the fundamentals of football. I believe Harsin brings both but especially an emphasis on fundamentals. Any one know if he’s still in play or has been otherwise ruled out?

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Another site is saying he’s not an option.

What reason would he leave his situation for ours? I can’t imagine. I like the way you think though.

I’d say he’s a good coach but you “must” be able to recruit to win in the SEC.

I would take Harsin in a heartbeat. And I agree he’d be a borderline homerun hire…especially given our current situation

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I’ve seen his current compensation listed between $1.35 and $2M which could be part of it. Also, he doesn’t strike me as a guy that would interview if he had no interest but I’ve been wrong plenty!

That sounds like desperate hope.

He’s put a lot of players into the NFL. A LOT. I think that recruits anywhere.

Your in the living rooms of kid’s with scholarship offers to Auburn, Texas & LSU and your pitch is “I put a lot of player’s in the NFL”?


Since Boise State hired Harsin prior to the 2014 season, only five schools have more wins than the Broncos - Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

Think he may be more than just in play.

I agree completely but none of those coaches are available or interested. My point is, based on what’s realistic/possible for a school like our beloved UA, I would be very happy with him.

Compared to a career TE coach he’s Vince Lombardi


Well said!

Joe Lombardi would be a great hire, get the Saints offensive brain and tons of pro connection plus he is military and can handle the entropy of our program.